Twins Toilet

This weekend, I went to see some friends' band play (someone close to me is the drummer) and beheld a truly puzzling sight. The ladies bathroom had these inside:

One door. One room. No partition.

(Please reserve judgement on the places that I hang out. 
From the looks of this bathroom you'd think I'm a meth-head teenager.)

There truly were 2 planned toilets in the single bathroom. The whole evening I scratched my head about what it could be for. 

I can't name a single friend (outside of inebriated tandem vomiting, which hasn't happened in a long time) that I'd be willing to use a toilet right next to ... while she was also using one. Friend in the same room? No big deal, happens all the time. When else can we gossip? Rubbing shoulders with friend while we both have a personal toilet moment? I don't think so. They're really close. Literally touching shoulders close.

Later in the night the right one seemed to fail, so I guess this arrangement is for planned plumbing failure, which isn't too bad of a thing if you've ever been to the ladies room in a crowded scuzzy bar. 

Generally, weird. But, at the end of the night, I was grateful for that extra throne. Maybe it isn't weird, maybe it's genius.
Mar 27, 2012

Hunger Games Recap

This weekend I beheld that magnificence that is the Hunger Games. Loved. Every. Second. Some thoughts:

1. Overall, I thought it was really, really well art directed. I though imagery of both District 12...

... and the Capitol ... 

... were spot on. ...just to name two. It was mostly just how I imagined.

2. Jennifer Lawrence hit it out of the park.

She managed to really capture the millions of dimensions of Katniss that were so well-articulated in words. A star is born.

3. The "Girl on Fire" dresses blew my brain apart.

4. Haymitch = genius.

Woody Harrelson was just playing himself, right?

5. The sad Rue parts made me tear up. 

I mean serious, flowing tears. It was like Nicolas Sparks-caliber cinema tears.

6. Gale is the dreamiest sonofaB I've absorbed in a while:

Consider this his official induction into the Fantasy Boyfriends Club. He was on Conan last night, too. Though a true sexpot, he really didn't have much personality. That might explain the whole Miley-is-his-girlfriend tragedy. Hey, the club doesn't exist for wit and brains.

Really, this glowing of a review is pretty rare from me. I tend to be a harsh critic and I LOVED the Hunger Games. There were a couple of liberties taken with the plot (somewhat minor ones) and some character buildup left out, but you gotta get it all into a couple hours, so I get it. I would have watched another hour of movie to get it all, but whatever. I might have to go see this one again. 
Mar 26, 2012

Giveaway Winner - Meg!

Happy Monday all! I'm excited to announce the winner of my Fashion to Figure giveaway!

Drumroll please... The winner is:

Meg from Life of Meg!
(She's got a great blog too, go check it out!)

I used a random number generator to choose from the 18 entries and lucky number 8 was the winner!

Congrats to her!!

But, let's get serious for a sec here. I was hoping for LOTS more participation. I've already got another giveaway somewhat in the works and want to have many more entrants. Bloggers, how can I do this? Better loot that I'm giving away? More time for the giveaway to be open? More Twitter/FB promotion? Tips, please!
Mar 23, 2012

Friday, March 23 2012

Happy Friday friends! I'm having kind of a weird day. The internet in my little home office is broken, so I'm all off my game today. I'm working/blogging from a coffee shop and it actually feels lovely. I need to take more steps to mix up my daily routine. Generally, I need to introduce more life curve balls I think, but that's not what we're talking about today... Anyway, back and better than ever, it's Newsflash time y'all!!

1. I heart Hilary Clinton. ALOT. Why this time? New evidence has emerged in the mystery related to Amelia Earhart's disappearance, (Context: I love this mystery. I did a project about Amelia Earhart in elementary school and have been kind of hooked to the saga ever since.) and Hilary Clinton is taking it upon herself to really try to get to the bottom of the whole thing. A new photo has emerged of some floating airplane parts that they think could be part of Earhart's plane.Clinton nerded out bigtime in the press conference announcing that they'll be re-opening the search. The historical group headed to the South Pacific to research has previously found items they thing belonged to Earhart, so this could be a real lead. Glad someone bigtime (Clinton) is on board with this thing. If I may nerd out for a sec: I'm on the edge of my seat about this. I once read that Hilary Clinton is "our real life Leslie Knoppe".. and I think it's so true. Girl power, y'all, it's infectious.

2. World, Meet the YOCAKE:

It's a cupcake, covered with fro-yo, then with toppings. Can we say... CALORIC PERFECT STORM?!?!?! I need to sample this like now. Or like yesterday. It's only in Washington DC, maybe I need to replicate...

3. Jersey Shore is coming back for more. MTV has announced that there will be a sixth season of the show, featuring a pregnant Snooki. I'm conflicted as all get out about this. Now that Vinny has anxiety attacks, Snooki is preg and the Situation is in rehab, hasn't it kind of run it's course? Now, I'm a major glutton for the guidos and guidettes, but it doesn't feel so fun-loving to me anymore. I liked watching them when their self destructiveness was somewhat skin deep. This all feels too serious. The new season won't start until the summer, so I have some time to contemplate I guess, but I think I might have to be done with it.

4.  Kate Middleton, she's just like us! Recently she wore a dress she BORROWED to a charity event. Her mother has been seen in it in the past:

I keep trying to think of things that suck about her and just can't. CAN'T. That's no easy feat for me. On a related note, she also made a speech at the event, which is a rare treat. Watch it here. She has the voice of an angel. #whycan'tibeaprincess

5. Quote(s) of the week:

I've always found Jessica Simpson disarmingly human. She's dumb, but relatable as crap. She's a weight-gaining, foot-in-mouth talking imperfect person like the rest of us. Mad respect. But, she's recently gone on what I'll call an over-sharing spree about her pregnancy:
"I feel like I have a bowling ball sitting on my hoo ha...Apparently I have a lot of amniotic fluid, so whenever my water breaks it will be like a fire hydrant!" - To Jimmy Kimmell 
"I just started calling myself 'Swamp Ass. Like, I have swamp ass right now. I had major swamp ass because I was wearing these Spanx to hold in my gut… It's like the bayou up in that [area]." - To Jay Leno
It might be immature, but I just can't handle preggo-related body imagery. I'm just not ready.

6.  Newsies is coming to broadway! Remember Newsies, the Christian Bale-starring Disney musical classic?

I sure as heck do!!! The show starts in NYC on March 29. I want to go so stinking bad it's just silly. Here's a snippet:

Something just went straight to the top of my Netflix queue. Get all the details here.

That's all folks! Happy weekend! I expect GORGEOUS weather here in Austin, so I'll be soaking it in as much as possible. Hearts!

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Mar 22, 2012

Sugar Cookie Bars - TASTY

Happy Thursday! I found a delectable new recipe to report. I originally found it via a sweet bloggy friend's Pinterest....of course.


(I've included this fancy pic because mine are all iPhoney ...partly due to the gross fluorescent lighting in my kitchen)

Find the complete recipe here. Though all elements of the tasty treats are from scratch, it was still SUPER easy and oh-so tasty. Here's my quick run-down of how to make it:

1. Like many baked treats, first mix up the wet ingredients:

Any seasoned fat kid baker knows this is the best phase for batter licking. I'll tell you this one was particularly fabulous.

2. Mix the dry ingredients:

Most. boring. part ever.

3. Combine the two bowls and press the dough into a greased baking pan:

LOTS-O-DOUGH. Try not to put your face into it and just eat. It's hard for me to resist.

4. Bake for 10-15 minutes (according to the recipe) until the top is a little golden-ish and crispy:

Of course, I had to bake for almost double the time. I attribute this to either undercooking paranoia (which runs rampant in me), my shitty oven or both.

5. While it's cooling, make the icing: 

This is one of my first attempts at fresh, from scratch, frosting. I don't care what kind of "culinary aficionado" you are, don't ever tell me shortening isn't disgusting. It's disgusting. There's lots in this icing, which made me nauseous at first, but had a delicious results. I don't know what else will achieve you the perfect creamy consistency. I'm going to have to surrender to the Crisco this time. Just this time.

6. When the cookie cake thingy has cooled, spread on the icing and cute it up with sprinkles:

Both precious and tasty.

This recipe is headed to my go-to repertoire. The adults I fed it to ate  it (mostly) up:

But, it would be also really good for like hoards of children... if you're into that kind of thing. No cookie cutters or rolling out little cookie balls. No individual icing. It's a lazy person's sugar cookie, which is the kind of thing I'm in to. 

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Mar 21, 2012

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

The Prince is a gentle creature. Gentle to the point that it's just funny. He recently got into what I'll call a "tiff" with a kitten. I'm using the word "kitten" specifically.

When faced with Jester the "kitten" (who wanted to rumble), he opted to ever-so-carefully wrestle:

Though this little match brought me infinite glee, I worry what would happen if my faithful guard dog would ever have to do any real "guarding" of me.. or if he ever got into a real fight? I love that he's a ginger little creature who loves cuddles more than catfights, but is it wrong to hope for a tiny bit of ferocity in your canine protector?

I mean look at this:

He genuinely has a whole kitty head in his mouth and chooses not to chomp. Ridiculous little poodle. 

He is the hippiest poodle I know. He literally wants to make love and not war. I snapped this risque-looking stalemate in their battle:

Gah, I love that little dog. So much.

Thankfully (because we see Jester all the time), it's looking like Jester the Kitty and the Prince will remain BFFs.

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The Hunger Games Fashion

We all know what a nerd I am for The Hunger Games. I'm starting to also become a big nerd for Jennifer Lawrence. She's absolutely ROCKED the media events for the movie...

At the London premier. I love this dress. Simple, but chic...and of course SPARKLY. So effortless.

At the L.A. premier. I'm not as wild about this one, but she looks bangin' for sure. I dream of a day when I could rock a lovehandle cut out. I've got a lot of pilates between me and that day.

At a Mexico city media event. Again, simple and perfect. The arm candy helps alot too. ALOT.

A casual stop on The Hunger Games mall tour. Hi, that's my dream hair you're looking at. Maybe one day I'll have the balls for bangs. 

Yah know, just cute and casual-ing it up with the other members of her onscreen love triangle. No big deal.

(all photos via)

Alright, I'm gay for Jennifer Lawrence. We know that. But, we also need to talk about this for a quick second:

How is Miley Cyrus tapping that?! HOW? I don't want to turn ugly here, but I genuinely believe that I (and most of my friends) are better looking than she is. What gives?

I CANNOT WAIT to see the movie this weekend. Tickets are bought for Sunday afternoon. Similar to my Twilight opening weekend moviegoing ritual, I gotta go in the first weekend, but at a time to avoid the tweens. Other, real adults will be there wishing they'd gone at a time to avoid me. PSYCHED.

Also, do not forget to go enter my giveaway! It's open until Sunday! There aren't many entrants so far, so get in there!
Mar 20, 2012

Easiest Salmon Meal Ever

This week I'm detoxing. Hard. Between my trip to Florida and the total melee that is SXSW, I've spent the last 10ish days essentially poisoning my body with booze and calories. So, this week we start over. I'm making healthy foods all week. It's gotta be baby steps, a week is ambitious for me on good-for-me dinners.

Last night's creation: Salmon, Caprese and Rice:

I found this great salmon recipe (Pinterest, duh)... but I don't even know if you can even call it a recipe it was so easy. I'm going to paraphrase:

2 6oz Salmon filets
Fresh Rosemary
Clove of garlic
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

(really that's it).


1. Preheat oven to 425. Line a cookie sheet with foil and spray with Pam.

2. Mix the rosemary (about a sprig), garlic and a tiny bit of olive oil (like less than a tablespoon) into a think paste-ish marinade:

3. Sprinkle Salt and Pepper on the salmon filets and rub the marinade all up on it:

4. Bake for 8-10 minutes and VOILA!

I paired it with a  long grain wild rice (just from a box, low sodium, used olive oil instead of butter) and a modified caprese salad (that recipe also originally seen on the Pinterest). 

To make the salad: Toss fresh mozzarella, chopped basil, cherry tomatoes and diced avocado in olive oil and lemon juice. I like to add a little balsamic vinegar for flavor. That's it.

These are going to become go-to's of mine I think. There was full-fat cheese in the salad, but let's be real here, that was the only bad-ish thing and I can't go cheese-less. It's serious skinny time (again). 

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Target Tuesday: Spring Frocks

I hate pants. I always have. So now that it's spring, I need to stock up on some dresses to get me through the 80% of the Texas year that is scalding hot. Per usual, the Targ can deliver. So, for today's ...

... I have frocks on the brain:

buy here
One shoulder is my hot new thing. I kind of learned it from the little nugget, she's the asymmetry master.

buy here
Being blonde, I never thought i could pull this color off. Time to attempt?

buy here 
Ruffly girliness, can't go wrong.

buy here
Black and white. Need. 

buy here
This is a little frillier than my usual, but I like the periwinkle. 
buy here
The top kind of reminds me of Madonna cone boobs. Like.

Well, I think I just figured out where I need to go over my lunch hour....

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Mar 19, 2012

Fashion to Figure GIVEAWAY!! Enter Now!

Hello all! I'm super please to announce a great giveaway from

The wonderful ladies over at this site have so sweetly offered to partner up with me to do a giveaway from their extensive selection of PRESH items. 

A lucky winner will get $30 to spend on anything! 

Fashion To Figure focuses mainly on plus size fashions, but have tons of great accessories/jewelry/handbags/whatever too! If I were going to be the lucky winner, I'd probably want any of these pretties...
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There are also LOTS of outfits that I'd totally wear. Even if full-figured fashion isn't exactly perfect for you, there's tons to choose from for anyone! So, how do you win? 

First of all,  you must be a Poodleism follower. Then, you can have multiple entries:

1. Leave a comment on this post about which item you'd choose. (1 Entry)
3. Tweet about the Giveaway. (1 Entry) Just paste this in:

Follow @PoodleistCasey and go enter her fabulous Fashion to Figure giveaway:

4. Put a little blurb on your blog about this giveaway and provide the link.(1 Entry)

Please submit one comment per entry.

I'm extending the giveaway through the weekend! It will close midnight Sunday and I'll announce the winner of the $30 credit Monday!

Yay! Thanks for playing!



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