Feb 1, 2012

Naked Prince

Today the precious prince baby had to go get his hair did. This has been a major source of drama for us lately. He's been dealing with some anxiety/nervousness (wonder where he could have learned that?) lately, which kind of culminated a couple of weeks ago when he snapped at a groomer and she refused to cut his hair (kind of an occupational hazard, if you ask me). Anyway, we've been working on the anxiety and in the meantime his curly poodle locks have gotten ABSURDLY out of control:

Today, he was ready. Of course, I was a crazy wreck all day. I got a call that he did totally fine and I just sort of forgot about the whole thing. When I got there to pick him up, I instantly felt guilty because there's no way my angst of the day can compare to the humiliation he's going to feel for the next couple of weeks...

He got a round dome head. His ears are still weirdly long. His body is nearly shaved to the skin. Poor little thing, his eyes even look embarrassed. I find this HILARIOUS.

This is probably my fault for waiting so long. Nonetheless, I can't even look at him without giggling. I'm such a meanie. He'll get extra cuddles tonight to make up for the emotional abuse.


  1. Penny and I think he looks very handsome!! :) And we can't wait to see BOTH of y'all again - hopefully soon after Maui.

  2. This makes me laugh!!! Our lovely cockapoo gets reprimanded by every groomer we take him to, and so he often goes waaayyy too long in between cuts, like you can't even see his eyes. After, though, he ends up resembling a street dog or something he's so bald. I always say he peaks at around 3 weeks post haircut

  3. I just spent forever brushing my Schnoodle's hair. He's getting a hair cut too!

    Prince looks adorable!

  4. Awww doggy hair cuts are so precious :)

  5. Cooper looks VERY similar after his haircut....they can be shame-ridden together :)


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