Feb 16, 2012

Guest Post: Jenn! "Adult?!? Since When??"

Hey, Poodleism followers! I'm Jenn from Going the Distance and I'm here to guest post for Casey while she's away in Hawaii....Ummm, can I say I am TOTALLY jealous?? Hawaii is a place I've always wanted to go, but has yet to be checked off on my list. I can't wait to hear about her trip!

I have been following Casey's blog for a while, and I've noticed a ton of similarities between us. One of which is that we both have SUPER cute and fluffy poodle pets:

Cooper (mine)
the Prince (Casey's)
But, beyond our mutual adoration of the poodle-men in our lives, and several other things, we both seem to periodically come to the realization that we are now among those individuals you would classify as "adults" (despite having moments where we act less than so, hehe)

I have been sitting here lately thinking of, and stumbling upon, all of the cool  things that I want right now, but can't necessarily afford. And, it dawned on me, "When did I become an adult??"--because nothing on my list is what you would typically put in the category of "fun".

This is what I mean:

Cuisinart Soup Maker and Blender
I love soups and other things that fit into the 'yummy in the tummy' category, and this would be awesome to have! But, what kid do you know who would get excited about this? None!

Dresser Spruce Up
  I think this is 100% totally cute, but I'm looking at my adult self going "Really?" Yes, really. You are now an adult who dreams over how to make your furniture look cooler/cuter.

The little kid in me goes: "Ooooh! Priiiiiiitty!" while the adult in me says "That would brighten up my bedroom and add such nice pops of color!" Again, is there anything really "fun" about this? Not really, but it's now what makes me happy.

I see this and immediately my heart flutters and my brain begins racing just thinking about how happily organized this little drawer system would make me! **Boring adult! Party of one!**

And, this one might be the lowest of the low....

It drains grease....and I'm excited. What has my life come to???

But, I've sat back and realized, that if I was at this point in my life, still getting excited over Lego's, Barbies, walkie talkies and the like, that I probably would be committed to a mental institute. And, now that I'm a full-fledged adult, (seriously, when did this happen???) I make my own money (the pittance that I make on my teacher salary anyway) and I can go on trips (like maybe to Hawaii???) and I can buy pretty things that make me happy. 
Including clothes and earrings, like these:

They make my heart go pitter-patter! :)

So, even though I still have my childish and immature moments (like laughing at something inappropriate,  finding humor in "potty" jokes, drinking a ton wee bit more than I should from time to time), I think I'm more in the adult world than the kid world. I just need to make sure to keep that inner child around so that I don't take this adult world too seriously!

Here's hoping that Casey is getting away from the realities and stressors of the adult world, and getting in some good child-like fun while she's in Hawaii!!


  1. I love that dresser dressed up. I want to do that. Nice post!

  2. Adorable dresser!! Loving that bedspread too!

  3. Oh my gosh I LOOOOVE that dresser and totally want one of those pan spouts!


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