Feb 15, 2012

Guest Post: Ellie's Grammy Recap

Disclaimer from the Poodleist herself, who is still Aloha-ing it up hard: My fabulous friend (a real life BFF) was sweet enough to keep me updated on current happenings while I'm away. She shot me a Grammy Awards recap today. This is her email copy/pasted exactly from my inbox...Here's her and I; you might see soon why we're such good buddies....

Ellie's recap of Grammy's:
Bruce Springsteen opened... and I mean, I get that he's famous, but I think it's opening of the Grammy's famous. I mean, if we need people to be patriotic and support their home towns, then he's the first I'll call, but not for this.
Lady Gaga-- Everyone is over her, they maybe showed her once. Which is fine by me. Bring on Nicki Minaj who dressed in a Red Riding Hood-esque cloak and was escorted ALL night by a man dressed like the Pope (who was in her performance). Her performance was uber-weird. Like she was sacrificed during it. Seriously.
Blake Shelton- I officially have too much of a celeb crush on this guy. And I found out he's 6'5. Even better.
Adele is gorgeous!!! I hadn't ever noticed before. Perfect little black ensemble. She killed it with Rolling in the Deep. Everyone was on their feet. She swept all the awards.
I don't get why LL Cool J was the host? I feel if you're not uber-funny or famous, then the show doesn't need a host.
Jennifer Hudson did the most AWESOME rendition of Whitney's I will always love you. She made it her own, while still making it a tribute. And man, she looks good.
Coldplay and Rihanna singing together? yes, please. She started with her own song, then they sang together, and it finished with Coldplay. It was a good compilation.
Chris Brown needs to give it up. His singing and music was horrible, and the dancing wasn't good enough (like it used to be) to make up for it. And he performed twice? what the???
Maroon 5, with Foster the People and Beach Boys. All doing Beach Boy songs. Genius.
Robyn wore the weirdest outfit ever. And yes.... Robyn is still around and invited to the Grammys?? She wore these platform hiking boots and a mullett-ish space era dress.
There's my highlight reel.... it was entertaining.

...and that's how I get thru my work day. Miss you all!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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