Jan 8, 2012

Spelling Police.

I hate when things are misspelled in public places. I really hate it. Maybe it's the Journalism degree, maybe it's something of a type A personality, maybe it's perfectionism. But, whatever it is, this drives me up the wall.

Anyway, over winter break, the little nugget and I popped in to a delightful donut shop in Pampa, TX (part of our holiday drive-a-thon) to discover this menu chaos:

"Croissant" is spelled differently in two places. One of them is wrong.

What the shit is a biscuite?

COFFE. (enough said)

Someone just sounded out the word "cappuccino" and arrived at CAPUCHINO. 

GAH. This makes me totally crazy. Why didn't someone get this proofread? Why didn't the professional sign maker give it a once over? Come on, people.

Roommate hates grammatical snafus much more than me, so I'm not the only one on earth that cringes at the sight of this. Although hilarious, this really grates my cheese. Is that nuts?


  1. I completely agree! I'm a teacher so spelling/grammar mistakes drive me up a wall. I used to work at a restaurant and when things were slow I'd proofread their menus and advertisements for fun. I always found mistakes.

  2. They could have at least kept the spelling of croissant consistent lol. I'm a grammar nut too so I feel ya!


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