Jan 5, 2012

It's OK Thursday

I'm feeling guilty about my blog hiatus. So, validation time.

It's OK...

... to miss college so much it hurts sometimes. This weekend 2 of the 4 college-era musketeers were back in Austin for a visit. Bopping around town with them was just stupid fun. I want to do it all over again.

... to  be too "sick" to work out. Snot and coughing is a gym free pass, right?

... to not get all of your holiday cards out and have to turn a few of them into New Years cards. Oops.

... to GIRL OUT HARD and look at beautiful wedding gowns for fun. I like this and this. Alot.

... be on your period and want skittles, pizza, hot chocolate and brie... all at the same time. That happened. I'm still working on tracking most of it down.

... that your friends are having babies. My first friend is on-purpose pregnant. It stresses me out kind of . Why? I'm not sure. But I get the feeling that I have a lot to do. I'm getting used to it. I can't wait to buy cut things for that like chunk of precious.

... to find vegans annoying. No dairy? Ridiculous.

... be so psyched for Jersey Shore tonight that it's just embarrassing. Pauly and Vinny, I've been waiting.

... to find most people in the universe strange. Roommate and I were trying to count the non-nuts people we know and the list is short, and might not include either of us. There are so few "normal" people it's kind of astounding. (Question: are we surrounding ourselves with nutties, or are we all a little crazy?)

... to not be able to organize the RIDICULOUSLY long list of things you need the internet world to validate into a single post. Overwhelmed.



  1. I miss college like crazy during Holiday breaks. What I only get 2 days off for Christmas and college kids get 3 weeks?! Not fair.

  2. hahah, I agree with this WHOLE list, including being sick as a gym-free pass. My boyfriend and I were JUST talking the other day (as we looked around at the freak shows that were out) about how there seems to be an influx of rando's out there!
    Being on your period and having all kinds of random cravings is TOTALLY ok....even when you're NOT on your period :)

  3. love your blog :) xo and great list! ha and im excited for j. shore tonight too! eeks!

  4. The first year without a winter break made me miss college so much!!! Glad to know others feel the same way too :) Your blog is so cute!

  5. i always appreciate it when sick people stay home! good job :)

  6. Hahahah! I find vegans annoying too! I couldn't wait for Jersey Shore either! My family always talks about how there are very few normal families in the world. I think everyone is just a little crazy.


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