Jan 20, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Happy Friday everyone! I'm ready to get thru this day and get my weekend on, ya'll! I'm headed up to Dallas for a bachelorette celebration for the record books. Lots of college best pals and my old Dallas posse will be painting the town all weekend. Can't. Wait. But for now, I'm savoring these little news nuggets:

1. Paula Deen is a diabetic. Shocker. This week, the queen of Southern-fried culinary greatness announced on Today that she does have Type II diabetes. Though this doesn't come as much of a surprise, it really kind of shatters my own dreams about being a Southern maven of fatty sweetness someday. I thought she had it all. She was diagnosed years ago, which kind of hurts me as a fan. All this time she could have been helping us all be healthier and advocating for disease research. Also, of course, she's promoting some kind of diabetes medicine along with this announcement. I'm truly disappointed in her. Apparently not disappointed enough to boycott, I made this of hers TODAY. Those recipes are still the best.

2. Get a fur bush coat of your very own!  Whatever am I talking about, you ask? It's a pubic wig made of real fox hair:

SO. SO Weird. Real Housewives of New York's Cindy is promoting these at her spa, Completely Bare. I have some questions... How do they glue it on? Does it feel weird in your pants? What do men think? What's the point? Where's this pink fox? Can it be my pet?.... The whole thing is really absurd to me. I think I need one.

3. Anti-Cheese ads are pure evil. There's a vegan advocacy group, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who's spreading cheese hate. They recently came out with this ad and splayed it on a New York billboard:

Yes, cheese is unhealthy. Yes, cheese is giving me muffin tops as we speak. But it's so good. I love all cheeses. I was all for anti-obesity legislation and activism until I saw this. Nobody messes with cheese. That's just too far. I rarely redneck out like this, but.... this is AMERICA, dammit. I'm going to eat fatty terrible crap even if it kills me. So take that!

4. Rihanna is secretly hooking up with Chris brown? Yes, I'm talking about the Chris Brown that beat the crap out of her a couple years ago. Supposedly, she's been secretly doing the dirty with him for over a year. I'm so annoyed. I hope this isn't true. She first opted to relax her restraining order against him and now this? I love Rihanna and find him to be terrible. Why did we let him back into the spotlight? We're all to blame. (I also feel this way about Michael Vick, btw) There is no excuse ever for beating a woman. Pop star or not, she owes it to herself as a lady not to give him an inch. Eff that guy.

5. Michael Buble has his own White Zinfandel. And they're even in the presh mini bottles:

If that's not a fast pass to romance, I don't know what is. I've recently become something of a Buble enthusiast (I don't know if the Holidays, aging or spinsterhood is to blame on that one) and we all know how I feel about wine. Plop me down with a four pack of that greatness to watch The Notebook, and I could completely implode. Oh Buble, you always know how to cut to the core of me.

That's all for today friends! I can't wait to hit the road for an action-packed girls weekend. Prepare yourself to be photo bombed Monday....Have a super weekend lovelies!


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