Jan 31, 2012

Award, thanks!

First of all, I feel like the biggest B ever for just now responding to such a sweet thing. I've been totally off my blogging (and blog friends) game these days. A while ago, sweet Jenn at Going the Distance bestowed a new blog award on me! Before we get this rolling, I'd like to take a moment to just let all of you know that she's a great writer, she has really great and funny insights and her blog is generally just a good use of your blog reading minutes. So go over there.

Anyway, here are all the things for this little award:

1} Name your Favorite Song: Favorite song of all time? How could I ever pick? At this moment in time, my favorite song is Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know. I keep hearing it on the radio in Austin and I can't get enough:

Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye on Grooveshark

2} Name your favorite dessert: This is a hot little topic for me. I think I have to go creme brulee:

3} What ticks you off? When people ask your name alot of times. I understand that we all meet people in a bar and forget their name. I can think of people who asked me my name every time for months. Like way more times than is ok. That kills me. It's such a diss. Like they repeatedly don't care enough to remember you.

4} When I'm upset: Couch + poodle + television + stretchy pants. 

5} What's your favorite pet? Need we really discuss this?

6} Black or White? Doesn't that really, really depend on what we're talking about? I definitely wear alot more black. Let's go with black. 

7} Biggest Fear: Snakes. Hands down. I'm terrified. They have no legs, and they're really sneaky. What's not to loathe?

Seven random thoughts/things about me:

1} Last weekend I took a pole dancing class and it made me sore-r than a workout has in a long time. As awkward as it is to say, mad respect for those pole-dancing ladies.

2} I'm DYING to go to the Mediterranean. My dream trip is to visit Italy and Greece.

3} My favorite number is 11. I can't even remember why now, it's just always been lucky for me.

4} I think 30 Rock is the perfect cinematic symphony of comedy. I can't get enough of it.

5} I've seen Beyonce in concert 4 times. Yes, 4.

6} Every time I see a commercial for Disney World I look up flights to Orlando. I don't know whether its good advertising or just that good of a place. I really can't help myself.

7} I wish I were in college again and could do it all over again. The little nugget (my sister) is 20 and I'm truly envious of her fun world. There are some things I'd definitely do differently, but mostly, I just want to relive all the great times with my roommates and sorority pals -- the days when nobody was married or lived far away.

Since I'm so overdue on this little diddy, I'm just going to call out some of my favorite blog friends, feel free to participate in the award or not! Love you lots: Meg, Meg, Amber, Jenn, RachelTaraChristina and Courtney!

Thanks so much again to sweet Jenn!


  1. Thanks for the sweet sentiments! I assure you, they are all mutual!
    I want to go to Greece, too...desperately!! Let's plan a bloggy trip! haha

  2. 30 Rock is genius. Pure genius!!

  3. I love that song right now too! I totally agree with the name thing. My husband is the worst with names and sometimes just makes one up. I was calling our neighbor “James” for a month when his name is actually Ron. They don’t even sound alike!!! 30 Rock is favorite show on TV right now. It has been for 5 years! Thanks for the award! I’ll participate pretty soon!

  4. I totally get the name thing..my real pet peeve is when people spell your name wrong even when it's right in front of them.


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