Dec 9, 2011

Stuff I Want

Folks, it's Christmas list time. This is the stuff I think I need this year....

Brain-Sharpening Stuff: Kindle Fire
I've been struggling about which Kindle I want for weeks. I really like the traditional Kindles' E Ink, which this doesn't have. But it does SO many more things, maybe I'm willing to sacrifice the E Ink. Do any of you have one? Thoughts?

Tasty Snacks-Makin' Stuff: Crock Pot

I keep finding delicious Crock Pot recipes. There's seemingly no way to mimic the crock magic with my kitchen tools. I think my first thing will be a pot roast. I feel like that's the only suitable and American way to break one in.

Butt-Slimmin' stuff: Lululemon Groove Pants

I go to a fancy gym now. I feel like the kid in 2nd grade without LA Lights in my boring gym threads. Everyone raves about these damn things. Rumor is that it's impossible to rock a camel toe in them. Interested. They must be good for the absurd price. I might have to treat myself for those New Years resolutions.

Good-Smellin' Stuff: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Favorite fragrance ever. I recently ran out and have been forced to use my 2nd tier perfumes. I feel like I smell like a foot without the Coco. I'm aware that this is extremely irrational.... but I think it's just that good.

Eye-Prettying Stuff: NARS Arabian Nights Palette
There's glitter galore in that little pup. Need.

Let's just face it. This is about as committed to good karma as I'll ever be. And it's pretty. We all win.

What's on your Christmas list?!


  1. Its like you're in my head! Here are my thoughts...

    A. Just got the Kindle touch - amazing. I knew I was only going to read books on my Kindle so I wanted the ink, and no backlight. But if you want to read magazines and whatnot on it too, maybe the Fire is more your style.

    B. I cooked 5 out of 6 meals in the crockpot this week, not joking. Santa should totally bring you one because they aren't that pricey either.

    C. Lululemon is the best, hands down. No question.

    D. Best smelling fragrance ever, I think yes. I've worn it since my wedding day and never looked back.

    As for the other two, I love them and will be adding them to my wish list neeee-owwwww :) Cheers!

  2. UMMMM excuse me but I really think you should be looking at the Dogeared "Sister" necklace so you are always reminded of the blessing you have in your life. I'll just assume you were confused

  3. What a great list!! I surprisingly don't own any lululemon and I have always wanted something!!

  4. I would be careful about the Kindle Fire. I really wanted one until I ended up reading through the reviews between the Nook tablet and the kindle fire. You can watch a lot of comparison videos on YouTube. Long story short people recommend the Nook over the Kindle Fire. (But they recommend the iPad over both if you can afford it and want to deal with the larger size.) Plus, recently it's been in the news that they expect about half a million kindle fires to be returned this year. Apparently they do a lot but they don't do anything well.

    If you want a reader for the sake of reading then I would suggest getting a regular Kindle. If you really want color books and magazines then look into the Nook Color or the Nook Tablet. If you really want a multimedia device, then you're probably going to be disappointed with anything less than the ipad. Good luck!

  5. I found the most amazing yoga pants, that are lululemon-esque for a quarter of the price... so naturally I boguht 3 pairs!

  6. My sister just got the Kindle Touch. Her husband got the Fire and doesn't like reading from it as much. I think it depends on how much reading and how much other stuff you’ll be doing. I love crockpot cooking, but I seriously need some new recipes. That eye shadow is sooo pretty! I want it now too!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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