Dec 15, 2011

I'm still here.

Yes, I've been absentee. I've been one busy little bumblebee this last week. Some good busy-ness has been going on, but mostly just too much damn stuff going on.

So, today seems like the perfect time for Amber's "It's OK" Thursday...

It's OK...

... to freak about having multiple chins in your Christmas card photo. I mean come on, it's your once-a-year chance to show the world that you're still thriving and fabulous. Thanks to roommate, we had a successful photo session (which I'll debut later).

... to be COMPLETELY de-railed by a computer meltdown. I wish I could say that I'm evolved enough to be un-phased and all calm and holistic and shit about a forced "unplugging" of my life, but I'm not. So not. Stress galore. New goal is to be as diamond-ish as possible:

... to deck too many halls. That's my term for over-partying at festive occassions. Three for three holiday parties this week I've opted to behave like I'm 20 years old again. Good clean fun was had by all, but come on, Casey. You're a grown-ass woman. 

... to let Christmas sneak up on you. I haven't done ANY of the shopping I need to. That's ok, right?

... to eat sugar cookie dough in distress. But really, y'all, I recently discovered this:
... and CAN'T GET ENOUGH. I've been munching on dough here and there for a week. Is that so wrong? If it is, then I don't want to be right. (I've also now learned through a little Google research that the same stuff exists for Valentine's Day, Easter and Back-to-School (weird). YES.)

... to not want to talk about "Butterfly man". So stop asking. But, let the record show that he's emerging to be fantastic.

... to turn into an old woman in the wintertime. Monday night I enjoyed a quiet evening of flannel, tea, glasses and reading with both dogs in my bed. It was lovely, but I felt like a 50 year old spinster dog hoarder just a tad. My friend gave me these fabulous PJ's for Christmas and I've been living in them:

Confession: I typically keep mine buttoned up the front. I do have a roommate after all. If I didn't, I'd look EXACTLY like this. (absurd)

Welp, all for now. I'm going to try to stay a little more on top of this blogging thing. I miss it. It kind of feels like when I'm off my gym routine. Everything seems askew in my life when I'm not spilling my guts to internet strangers. Hearts.


  1. I love those PJ's--they are SUPER cute! And don't worry about behaving like a 20 year old. I've been there...several times, and Ive got a few years on you. It's the holidays--enjoy it! :) I hope things slow down for ya!

  2. I hate when I behave like a 20 year old... tehehe.

    Nothing good can come from your romantic interests being referenced to as "Butterfly Man".

    I've had to share a bed with you enough nights to know that you wouldn't hesitate to wear your pajamas like that.... just to watch me get uncomfortable.

    Thanks for the finals distractions,
    peace, love, that girl you call your sister.

  3. p.s. was that diamond quote secretly a shout out to me? ;)

  4. Hahahah! Your PJ comment! They’re really cute though. I happened to behave like a 20 year old at a birthday party last weekend, and then felt like a 50 year old trying to recover from it. Party while you still can, Casey! Hahah. A successful photo shoot is always awesome, can’t wait to see the pictures!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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