Dec 23, 2011

Christmas Tour De Texas

Every year my family and I embark on a Christmas sojourn that rivals almost any road trip on earth. We started the Tour De Texas Today. Here's the route:

First, we leave from Houston (1) and head to Ozona, TX (2), which is where my dad is from. We enjoy Christmas Eve dinner and festivities with that side of the family. Then, Christmas morning, we have some "Santa time" and head to my mother's hometown, Pampa, TX (3) in time for Christmas dinner and festivities with that side of the family. A couple days later we'll hit the road back to Houston (1), which is the hypotenuse of the whole thing and the most excruciatingly long drive ever in the history of all time.

According to Google Maps, the total drive time is approx. 23 hours. RIDICULOUS. But, it's broken up over several days.

We've done this lit-relly every Christmas of my life. I honestly don't know another way. My parents started this tradition before they had kids and it kind of just stuck. It's going to be weird one day when I don't do it anymore (assuming I have my own family one day, but we aren't really anywhere close to that happening). I love seeing EVERY SINGLE person in my family for Christmas, it's great.

If you don't hear much out of me...that's what I'm doing. I plan to attempt mobile blogging...

So, what inefficient absurdity does your family insist upon at Christmas time?


  1. Wow...I think that is how long it took me to drive from Houston, back to DC when I did that a couple of years ago (when I picked up Cooper along the way in Alabama). It is a LONG drive, and we did it in one day. It was excruciating!
    I hope you have easy drives, and a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Wow! That is a major road trip. I always forget that Texas is so huge! I love that you love it though. Some people couldn’t be with their families for that long, so it’s awesome that you’ve got a good one! Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow, that is a trek, indeed!! I hope it was a blast!! Merry (belated) Christmas!

  4. Really, Case. EVERY person??? I can think of one... ;-)


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