Nov 7, 2011

Scary things.

Last week two scary things happened. Like really scary things. Summary:

1. Last Sunday there was a violent home invasion that left two men hospitalized and a woman sexually assaulted. They were also robbed at gunpoint. This happened 4 doors down from roommate and I. One or more of the bad guys is still on the loose. Details here.

2. Tuesday night, a scary/crazy man came to our door wanting inside and we had to call the cops. We don't know if they got him.

They've seen what happened to their neighbor and are terrified. I can identify.

I really didn't have any qualms about the South Austin neighborhood I live in until this week. Its a large community of duplexes and I actually felt safer with so many people around. I'm sure the neighborhood hasn't gone totally to hell in a week's time, but I'm scared.

Roommate and I are both shaken up. We've bought pepperspray and our landlord has agreed to put in an alarm system we can use both when we're here an when we're away.  I'm not sure what else to do, but I certainly am not resting easily.

So tell me, trusted women friends of the internet, do you live alone? What do you do to feel safe with the big bad world right outside your door? Please tell me tips.

(Don't even think about giving me any kind of crap like "I just snuggle my boyfriend tighter, and he takes care of all the bad guys." I need real stuff here, people.)



  1. Oh my gosh, that's so scary!! We had something similar happen in our town last year. They actually killed the homeowner. I was so frightened, I insisted we get an alarm system. I liked that the alarm system has a 'hostage code' so if someone followed me into the house and made me disarm it, the police would be notified but the alarm wouldn't sound.

    My husband also bought a gun and I learned how to shoot it. Add my large dog, and I think we're about as covered as we'll ever be.

  2. Oh my gosh! This is scary! I am glad you and your roommate are okay! I don't live alone, however I sometimes feel scared in DC when I walk alone. I am thinking about taking a self defense class to help protect myself when I'm alone. Could you and your roommate get an intrusion alarm? We have an alarm and it does make me feel safe at home.

  3. Oh dear! Scary, indeed! I guess the pepper spray and always using the buddy system will help right now but man, that's just scary!

  4. Aw that IS scary! I'm glad you guys are okay. It's always unsettling to hear that, no matter what kind of neighborhood it is. If you called the police, maybe you can check and see if they will up the patrolling in your neighborhood if they didn't catch him.

    I used to live in a pretty shady area alone. And I mean, St. Louis is the "most dangerous city in the US" so... serious business. :P Anyway, I took a self defense/safety class and it made me feel safer. I bought an alarm system sign for ten dollars- also made me feel safer. Lastly, I propped a chair up under my doorknob- lol. I'm a scaredy cat and only stayed there a year!

  5. Casey! Oh my goodness. So scary...I don't know what I'd do. So glad your landlord agreed to put in an alarm system. I don't live alone but it's just us girls here, so anything could happen. I need to look into some kind of self defense class, for sure. Be safe, sweet friend! Hoping you don't have any more scary events!

  6. so thing they say is a lot of these creeps stalk you and get to know your try not to do the same thing everyday at the same time (I know...easier said than done)...

  7. That is scary! I lived with two roommates in an apartment in college and our town had creepers coming into your house/dorm/apartment at night and climbing into bed with you. That’s it. They didn’t do anything else, but SO FREAKING CREEPY! We also had an old tenant with the key to our upstairs neighbor’s apartment and they found out he was squatting when they were at school. We did the same things you did. Pepper spray, added a chain lock, and put bars in the windows frames. It’s nice of your landlord to get an alarm system for you! Maybe you could take a self-defense class too.


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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