Nov 14, 2011

Me needs the Armie

Hello all! Yes, I'm alive. No, I didn't get abducted my my friendly neighborhood home invader. I've been home in Houston soaking up some much-needed family time. I don't know why this is, but whenever I'm home, I really have to force myself to get off the couch. I have no will to do anything but cuddle in my comfiest spot on earth. I did go out on the town with 2 of my favorite high school partners in crime, but generally, I spent the long weekend in a horizontal position -- alone.

Yesterday, I went with my parents to see J. Edgar. It was pretty good. I love a pseudo non-fiction movie about a real-life nutty person. Leonardo DiCapprio was pretty genius, per usual I think you'll enjoy -- if you're a nerd for political profiles as I seem to be becoming. Go see, highly recommend:

But, let's get on to what really counts. J. Edgar, a long-suspected closeted homosexual, had a BFF/boyfriend in his life, a one Clyde Tolson. In the movie, he was played by dreamboat Armie Hammer. I do find the name "Armand" a little weird, but with a face like that, who gives a crap...

He's a lot cleaner cut than my normal favorites, but mmmmm... tasty. He's my same age. Destiny much? Turns out he's married to a total sexpot...womp, womp. 

Welp, here's my take-home point from J. Edgar: Me needs the Armie

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  1. Wow, he IS hot....I hadnt even heard of him before this, but Im glad that I have! :) Definitely not a bad thing to look at on a Monday!

  2. Ooh he is cute! He kind of looks like Ryan Gosling from the eyes up! Great choice. Thanks for linking up :)

    I really want to see the movie - glad to hear it's good!

  3. Yes, Yes, Yes! I became obsessed with him during The Social Network craze; he’s so normal and nice! I really love his voice. He was so good in J. Edgar. (I’m a political nerd for sure!) He gave Leo a run for his money. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of him! I had no idea he was married. They make a great looking couple! Perfect choice for MCM!

  4. He is SO cute! Such a shame he's taken ;)

  5. He is hot!

    He looks even hotter than Leo in there.
    Ooops I can't believe that I a long-time Leo fan have just said that.


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