Nov 29, 2011

It's OFFICIALLY Christmas.

I'm fresh off of a great Thanksgiving weekend! I got lots of great family time in, visited with some favorite high school friends, did some christmasy stuff and shopped my little heart out.

But, friends, the time has come. IT'S CHRISTMAS. Here are some favorite things that I'm LOVING this week...

Music. Duh. My car is perma-tuned to the Christmas station here in Austin. Also, Pandora has been doing me right on the holiday tunes. I heard this bright and early this morning and have been in jolly mode big time...
Baby Its Cold Outside by Dean Martin on Grooveshark 

 Also, one of my favorites, She and Him, has come out with a Christmas album!

I think I need.

Wintery clothes.  As a native Houston-ite, wintery clothes have been an acquired taste for me. I just bought these and am IN LOVE:

One thing I will def miss about Dallas is the winter. I love cozy clothes.

Lattes. I have treated myself to 2 already this week...

Gingerbread Latte = favorite. Special treat (dollars and calories) only.

I'm still working on getting my decorations up, gifts bought and Christmas cards made, so the cheeriness train is going to keep on rolling, but I've been swamped with work. Roommate doesn't know what she's in for in the decor department....tee hee.

Tunes, boots and lattes, that's all a girl really needs to get in the spirit -- for now. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love me some riding boots but I definitely hate that I can only wear them 3 weeks out of the year. Yay for Christmas!

  2. You do need that CD. It’s so good! It’s quirky and light and fun! I've been slowing getting out the decorations. Then my kids tear them down. We might not be decking our halls as much this year.

  3. I love this. Every single bit of this. Love.


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