Nov 4, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Hello all! Happy Friday to ya! I'm just now (4:18 p.m) coming up for air after a busy work week. I've got a psuedo migraine to prove it. I hate those. I try to reserve Friday afternoons for coasting. Not the case this first Friday in November. BOOOOO. I've got a spectacula-cious weekend planned. Family is coming in town for football game watching and visiting and more! I'm psyched.

But for now...I'm just going to offer you this miscellany. It's about all I can mentally muster...

1. My favorite thing about this week was/is    my precious co-workers keeping me company. If you didn't know, I work at home and have two precious pups here to keep me company. Lately they've both been extra snuggly (maybe its the cold). I have a hard time getting through the day alone sometimes, and definitely couldn't do it without those preciouses. Here's one of them trying to hog the drivers seat this afternoon:

2. Colder weather makes me    energized during the day. Somehow, the cool and crispy weather makes me perkier, more excited and generally just faster moving. That seems kind of backwards. I do enjoy a cozy couch and tea session, but more often than not I'm more of a go-getter in the cold. weird.

3. Three things that make me terribly happy as of late are:
  1. Living in Austin -- best choice ever.
  2. Working out -- I love my new gym. It's been slow progress, but I love the feeling of sweating out my troubles.
  3. Reading -- Lately I've really found delight in some quiet book time before bed. I'd been off reading for a while and now I'm on a kick. I'm in the middle of this:
Read about it here. Really good. Kind of confusing at times, but good.

4. If I could only wear one kind of shoe for the rest of my life   it would probably be a ballet flat. They're a perfect combination of comfort and cute and go with mostly any outfit. Right now I have my eye on these  little pretties:

Dammit, J.Crew. Stop being so cute. I can't afford you.

5. My personality type is  ESFJ. I took an online test and found this out. The test thinks I'm a "Guardian Provider". It also says I'm a:
  • moderately expressed extravert
  • slightly expressed sensing personality
  • distinctively expressed feeling personality
  • slightly expressed judging personality
If you really want to learn some stuff about me, tons more here. I'd say this is mostly true. I really don't care for the "slightly expressed judging personality" bit, but it's pretty spot on. I can be a judger. Nobody's perfect. What blows my mind about this all is that the internet can compartmentalize my personality in 72 yes/no questions. WTF.

6. I have a serious problem resisting    weeknight wine. I'm really trying to get off of it. It's calories I don't need and I really don't want to get dependent. I've been milking this all week:

I originally chose it for the cowprint label but I think it's going to have to be a good value go-to. 
Highly recommend.

7. My favorite color to wear is  purple. Duh. What other colors are there?

Hope your weekend is super! I have loads of debauchery planned and can't wait!


  1. I like the weeknight wine and wearing purple, too! Two very awesome things :)

  2. We’re so much alike! I feel more energetic in fall and winter too. I’m lazy when I’m hot. I would only wear ballet flats. What am I saying? That’s what I always wear now! I’m an ESTJ. Pretty close! I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test a few times, including in high school and college. It’s amazing how spot on it is, especially when I’ve grown and changed.

  3. I did this link up for the first time today! I love working out too! So many people say they hate it and I love it...most of the time haha!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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