Nov 8, 2011

20 and Counting.

Really Duggars? REALLY?!?! Enough is enough.

I read today that they're expecting their 20th child. Let's not forget that baby #19 was born extremely premature and barely made it.

....and they're a family band too?

These are the ages of their existing children:

Joshua, 23 (who is married to Anna, 23 with Mackynzie, 2 and Michael, 4 months)...

twins Jana and John-David, 21
Jill, 20
Jessa, 19
Jinger, 17
Joseph, 16
Josiah, 15
Joy-Anna, 14
twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 12
Jason, 11
James, 10
Justin, 8
Jackson, 7
Johanna, 6
Jennifer, 4
Jordyn, 3
Josie, 2

I wonder what in the heck letter lucky baby #20's name will begin with? I can't even imagine!

Like, really, I don't know what to say. It was crazy back at 17. At what point do they stop "counting"? When will TLC and America (and me)? stop "counting"? Mysteriously this announcement comes just on the brink of their new season on TLC. How interesting...

I know it's their religion and everyone should be able to practice whatever they believe in and blah, blah, blah. But honestly, how can she say that each child gets the parental love and attention that every baby deserves? She can't. Soapboxing done.

Call me a spotlight monger for being pissed when my only sister was born, but once that shock was over, I think I truly needed 1/2 of the limelight, I can't even dream of 1/20.

Over the Duggars.


  1. It's also a huge risk to HER to carry another child - the placenta attaches to a different place in the uterus and her uterine lining has got to be tissue paper thin...meaning she could DIE and leave behind her 19 kids. It's idiotic.

    And how do they find time to have sex? Either Jim Bob has super sperm or they have the older kids babysit the younger kids so they can pork like bunny rabbits.

  2. I'm with you...I think this is just absolutely stupid/gross. I read some article that said she is taking a nap a day to keep her pregnancy "healthy"...seriously, lady, I have one kid and I can't get in a nap a day. I think she just has more kids to put the others to work or something. Uuuuuhhh...been bothered by this all day!

  3. TV show or no TV show, I think they'd still be doing this. They just choose to be like a (very) small minority of Christians who don't believe in birth control. Whether she can physically have the children or not, they just need to say "enough is enough" and focus on all that they've been given so far. But, she is 45. This can't go on for much longer! I'm a new follower!

  4. They are nutso....they basically have a "buddy system" where the older kids are in charge of the younger ones. How is that fair??? It's totally not.
    And, can we talk about the fact that those babies should just be walking out of her lady parts? I'll quote someone yesterday during a similar conversation: "She apparently didn't get the memo that her lady parts are in fact lady parts, not a clown car." hehehe
    Crazy peeps!

  5. They seriously freak me out. Big time. And I'm just going to say it: her vagina must look like a war zone.

  6. Totally agree! I feel bad for the kids. It's extremely selfish. First, to not give the little ones the attention they need and second, to take away the lives of the older kids who are now parenting their siblings. I heard somewhere (don't know if it's true) that they donate the money they make from the show. So at least they aren't money hungry.

  7. I do think they are nuts for having so many kids. I have NO clue how they even find the time to have sex considering the number of offspring they have. BUT, I will say that their kids are well-mannered, they aren't in a huge financial crisis, and they are all around good people with good hearts. The number is too much, but I'd rather the Duggar's procreate than Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries...there, I said it.

  8. Thanks Leah! But seriously it's their business! I personally think they're better parents to their kids than some parents who have 1 or 2 and their kids are so well mannered n raised well unlike Some dumb spoiled kids who get whatever they want n all the attention from parents/grandparents n turn out to b rotten ppl later in life. I agree that they can't give every child the attention like doing he with em every night etc But let's face it.. Alot of parents don't even when they have the time...but they're doing pretty good job with em otherwise


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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