Oct 26, 2011

Punkin Carving - I dare you to top these

Happy Wednesday! I'm writing to you today with happiness and a "can-do" attitude in my heart. This is not something I get all the time. Before work this morning I made it to the gym and gave the Prince a bath (which is a major production). And now, I've just gotten a clean bill of eyeball health from the cornea nazi ophthalmologist.  Wahoo!

Anyway, last night some of my best pals and I gathered for pumpkin carving. I love a little holiday festiveness and jack-o-lanterns are NO exception. Here's the crew gettin' our carve on:



Other long-time BFF

(Note: There was a 4th member of our party who opted to be the photog and official wine drinker (although the rest of us consumed - of course) for the evening. Much thanks for the documentation.)

The amount of focus and determination in those mid-action shots cracks me up. If I could only find a way to apply my attention and fervor for holiday activities to real productivity....

Here are the finished products:

All of them are great, but clearly these are my favorites:

 Sillyputty and Chuy jack-o-lanterns = freaking precious.

Roommate had the great idea to make a dog pumpkin and she was sweet enough to help me trace a poodle on to mine. She's so freaking crafty it hurts (or hurts me that I'm not). 

I've never really attempted a non-traditional jack-o-lantern design (last year's creation here), but dangit, I think I might have done a decent job. YES!

It's beginning to feel very Halloweeny around here....


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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