Oct 13, 2011

Opthomologist = Terrible Man

I try not to discuss issues of my personal health with you friends, but I don't think eyeballs count because they're on the outside (sort of). I have bad vision. Not like terrible blindness, but I haven't been able to effectively see without some help for like 12ish years. It's annoying, but just part of my deal.

I'm a contacts person through and through. I have glasses I wear at home, but rarely out of the house. There isn't a problem with them per se, but really just a mental block. Whatever. I went to the eye man this morning to get a prescription for more contacts and some allergy drops. He gets in there and throws a fit about what he thinks is "early signs of dry eye." This is apparently a serious thing.

He won't give me more contacts and tells me I cannot under any circumstances wear my contacts for 2 weeks. I have to do all these medicines and go back to him then. These words I hear like a death sentence. The man could have been much nicer (honestly, he was pretty rude about my "eye negligence", which is a real thing he said), but really I'm so super annoyed. 

I don't know why, but when I'm bespectacled I feel like this:

So, in the interest of this whole "being a better me" thing (annoying)....in these next 2 weeks I'm going to try to take it as a challenge to feel more like this:

Tell me, dear internet amigas, are you stricken with required corrective lenses of some sort? How do you channel your inner Powerhouse Tina Fey? How do you keep 80's Liz Lemon at bay? 

Help, I needs the help.


  1. Ouch, sorry about the glasses situation. I bet you will look fierce with some frames - work it, girl!

  2. Girl, please. You know you'll be looking fabulous in those glasses! I don't doubt that you'll rock them. Happy Thursday!

  3. I've had glasses since 9th grade but I never wore them so I went through school blind! When I failed the DMV eye exam, my mom made me get contacts. I wear my glasses at home, running errands or going to a movie (I see better in them than in my contacts because I have astigmatism). And on lazy days when I don't want to wear a lot of makeup, glasses are a good cover up. I think the right frames are very cute! I love all your Liz/Tina pictures!

  4. Ugh! I know how you feel! If I ever wear my glasses I always fidget with them and never feel comfortable. I think if you find the right pair though you can def rock the sexy librarian! :)

  5. I'm in the same boat as you! I'm determined to have Lasik someday, but I also have to correct my dry eyes first.

    I'm sure your glasses are really cute on you. Get some red lipstick to wear with them and you'll feel great!

  6. Holy cow, what a douchey eye doctor! I would've wanted to smack himn in the face.

    So here we go, reasons you'll look hot in your glasses:

    1) Umm, your gorgeous, duh!

    2) Channel your inner sassy librarian or national merit finalist, and people will be thinking you seem extra smart and businessy.

    3) You're a confident BA girl who can wear anything and make it look sexy!

    Now get out there and show 'em what you're made of!

  7. I'm the same way with my glasses! I hate wearing them and I feel like a total dork when I do. I would die if my eye DR told me I couldn't wear my contacts! Just think though, you'll look super smart and intelligent. The boys love that ;)

  8. like that time last year when you had to take all the christmas pictures in your glasses because you had pink eye?????


    you know you love me

  9. That stinks! I totally understand how you feel about the glasses tho. I never leave the house in them (unless I've lost a contact while Im out or something) so I can totally sympathize with you on that.
    Im sure you'll rock the heck out of your glasses tho! Sasha Fierce it up! :)

  10. Glasses can be so much fun to wear! Think of them as a new accesory!


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