Oct 24, 2011

My day at the wiener races

Yes, it's a real thing. It sounds glorious, right?  But, I'm talking about wiener DOGS...which is also glorious.

So roommate and I found this cool event to bring our pups to -- DOGTOBER fest. Complete with costumes, booths, adoptions, all kinds of crap to buy, the event was sort of just a little fun thing to do on a Saturday until we saw that there are WIENER DOG RACES.

Roommate's dog, Sillyputty, is a dachsund/yorkie mix...or DORKIE. He's precious and sweet, but straight hood rat. We knew right away that we needed to get this little poptart into competitive sports. He doesn't have that wiener-y of a face, but his body is all wiener. YES.

Somehow, as soon as we arrived at the festival, he knew it was game day. He wouldn't even pose for a stinking adorable photo. I guess I can't blame him.

Before his heat was called, he scoped out the competition hard. Or he was checkin' out the bitches...we never know with him:

Once it came time for racing, roommate and I had to keep his attention long enough for him to see where he was racing too. This is achieved by having one team member back slowly to the finish line and hope his head is in the game. His obviously was:

 Right before the race started, the tension in the air was palpable. I was too giddy to function....


Quickly, total melee ensued....

It was a total S-show...but a completely hilarious one at that. There are a couple of things to note in the photo above...
  • One dog is facing completely backwards.
  • The dog that was just winning the whole thing is staring him down - hard.
  • Sillyputty has one of his ears in the air, a move he typically reserves for listening and solving problems
  • Scaryass gameface weiner is completely off the ground - she won. 
Generally, it was a delightful day! Too bad there aren't poodle races. I have a feeling the Prince wouldn't take to kindly to being a spectacle. He'd prob rather stay in the shade and get cuddles. I taught him well. Thank heavens for Sillyputty.


  1. Love it! We went to one last year and had a ball...going to enter at least one of ours next year..Adorable pictures and I love your captions

  2. OMG... that is so freaking adorable! You are such a good helper with the dorkie (btw, that is such a cute name for a breed).

  3. Awwww! So super cute! Love the action photos and that all the dogs have different coloured bandanas on :)

  4. This was so great! I love your play by play captions.

  5. Um, I LOVE dorkies. I've been wanting one every since I saw one on Animal Planet, and now I really want one even more.

    Your captions on the pictures are freakin' hilarious. I was dying!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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