Oct 20, 2011

Independent woman fail

So, I consider myself a relatively capable lady. But sometimes, things happen and you just need a man to come fix the problem. Is that so wrong?

This week alone, I've been locked out twice, needed to reach a really tall thing (which I ultimately broke trying to reach) and have had surprise car trouble. These are the things that send me into lady panic. On all occasions I sought the expert help of a dude. Luckily, when the dudes in my immediate surroundings weren't there, my trusty, sweet dad of course was there. He's the best. He's been helping me get my S together for 25 years....

My mom is pretty boss too, but she helps with different stuff.

It makes me mad at myself and feel like a disgraceful feminist to even type it out...sometimes I want a boyfriend. Am I weird? I'm reminded of this quote:
Tell me, internet, am I weak for even saying that? I need a pep talk. 

No matter what you tell me, car trouble = a man thing. right?


  1. Some things are totally man things. And you know what? I think it is a very powerful and humble place when such an independent girl can ask for help when she needs it. Absolutely normal and strong of you to do!

  2. Hey, dont feel bad. I think thats TOTALLY normal. I've had many occasions where Im like "yeah, I need a dude"....(case in point, the scratches on my car's hood that have been there for over a year because theres NO WAY Im doing that ish myself! Just waiting for a dude to get it done haha). No worries, girl!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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