Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy spookyscary day friends! I'm swamped with work today, so I just want to share some quick Halloween  giggles!

Why didnt't the skeleton cross the road?
He had no guts.

Why doesn't anyone like Dracula? 

Because he has a bat temper.

Why can't the boy ghost have babies? 
Because he has a Hallo-weenie.

Well, friendsies, I hope your Halloween Monday is fun and extra spooky!
Oct 28, 2011

Recent tasty treats

I just finished a bonkers spin class, so clearly, I'm now thinking of treats. I smell a vicious cycle...

Roommate and I have tried a couple of freaking divine recipes lately that I've got to share! Of course, credit for finding these goes to my beloved Pinterest. The best part, they're both SUPER EASY.

Fall Pumpkin Spice Cookies

My version:

Find the full recipe here. There are seriously only 3 incredients. The little kiss nuggets on the top are pumpkin spice Hershey's kisses, but I'd probably make it with regular chocolate next time. The cookie part is perfection.

Bananoffee Danger Pie

I have to disclose that I had nothing to do with this one, it was all roommate, but I was there for moral support. This was the tastiest pie I've had in a long time...

Her version:

Find the full recipe here. Did you know that you make toffee by boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk in a pot for hours? It's true! I sure didn't know that. This was so tasty we had to send the partially eaten pie to her office. Otherwise, I would have scarfed the whole freaking thing.

Get on these goodies. Like now. You won't be disappointed.
Oct 26, 2011

Mystery Costume

I've settled on a Halloween costume. It's almost entirely home-made. I've never endeavored to home-make something this complicated before. Nervous. I don't want to tell you what it is yet, in case it fails, But I'm excited.

These are the supplies:

(The poodle Prince isn't included, just a photo bonus)

Can you guess what I'm going to be? 

Hint: the sparkle ball(s) will be attached to my head. BAHAHAHAHA.

Any person that guesses right will get a prize (which might just be kind words), so tell me your guesses, friends!

Punkin Carving - I dare you to top these

Happy Wednesday! I'm writing to you today with happiness and a "can-do" attitude in my heart. This is not something I get all the time. Before work this morning I made it to the gym and gave the Prince a bath (which is a major production). And now, I've just gotten a clean bill of eyeball health from the cornea nazi ophthalmologist.  Wahoo!

Anyway, last night some of my best pals and I gathered for pumpkin carving. I love a little holiday festiveness and jack-o-lanterns are NO exception. Here's the crew gettin' our carve on:



Other long-time BFF

(Note: There was a 4th member of our party who opted to be the photog and official wine drinker (although the rest of us consumed - of course) for the evening. Much thanks for the documentation.)

The amount of focus and determination in those mid-action shots cracks me up. If I could only find a way to apply my attention and fervor for holiday activities to real productivity....

Here are the finished products:

All of them are great, but clearly these are my favorites:

 Sillyputty and Chuy jack-o-lanterns = freaking precious.

Roommate had the great idea to make a dog pumpkin and she was sweet enough to help me trace a poodle on to mine. She's so freaking crafty it hurts (or hurts me that I'm not). 

I've never really attempted a non-traditional jack-o-lantern design (last year's creation here), but dangit, I think I might have done a decent job. YES!

It's beginning to feel very Halloweeny around here....
Oct 24, 2011

My day at the wiener races

Yes, it's a real thing. It sounds glorious, right?  But, I'm talking about wiener DOGS...which is also glorious.

So roommate and I found this cool event to bring our pups to -- DOGTOBER fest. Complete with costumes, booths, adoptions, all kinds of crap to buy, the event was sort of just a little fun thing to do on a Saturday until we saw that there are WIENER DOG RACES.

Roommate's dog, Sillyputty, is a dachsund/yorkie mix...or DORKIE. He's precious and sweet, but straight hood rat. We knew right away that we needed to get this little poptart into competitive sports. He doesn't have that wiener-y of a face, but his body is all wiener. YES.

Somehow, as soon as we arrived at the festival, he knew it was game day. He wouldn't even pose for a stinking adorable photo. I guess I can't blame him.

Before his heat was called, he scoped out the competition hard. Or he was checkin' out the bitches...we never know with him:

Once it came time for racing, roommate and I had to keep his attention long enough for him to see where he was racing too. This is achieved by having one team member back slowly to the finish line and hope his head is in the game. His obviously was:

 Right before the race started, the tension in the air was palpable. I was too giddy to function....


Quickly, total melee ensued....

It was a total S-show...but a completely hilarious one at that. There are a couple of things to note in the photo above...
  • One dog is facing completely backwards.
  • The dog that was just winning the whole thing is staring him down - hard.
  • Sillyputty has one of his ears in the air, a move he typically reserves for listening and solving problems
  • Scaryass gameface weiner is completely off the ground - she won. 
Generally, it was a delightful day! Too bad there aren't poodle races. I have a feeling the Prince wouldn't take to kindly to being a spectacle. He'd prob rather stay in the shade and get cuddles. I taught him well. Thank heavens for Sillyputty.

Oct 23, 2011

Breaking Dawn T.V. Spots are here!

I'm excited for my super Sunday! My two best friends are here and we have a monster day of fun planned! All weekend I've been re-watching some pretty spectac commercials...

Yep, it's true. TWILIGHT has infiltrated my television. Here are the awesome nugs:

Twilight on my television (and DVR, which means I can pause on Edwards lats), is almost too much. ALMOST.

Happy Sunday!
Oct 21, 2011

We're the four best friends that anyone could have

I'm so pumped for this weekend it's just STUPID. Two of my best-est pals EVAAAARRRR are going to be in town for a bachelorette party and have found some time to squeeze in for me!

Little bit of background... My current roommate and I previously lived together - for three years in college. But, we also had 2 other roommates. Our festive, fun-loving and fierce foursome was pretty much unstoppable for those years. They were the best of my life.

Here's us right before we moved out of our last place together (in 2008) and everyone scattered all over the place:

Yes, that's the Prince. I've had him about a week in this photo and he was BLACK. weird. 

Time when all four legs of this party table are together are pretty much my favorite. We haven't all been together in around 18 months and there is TONS to talk about. We stay in pretty decent touch all the time, but there's nothing like face-to-face funs. I love this group. 
Oct 20, 2011

DIY Bracelet Update!

Despite the fails I told you about earlier, there's one thing that happened this week I'm really proud of.

I pinned some pretty sweet DIY bracelets that I told you guys about last week and I actually did it!!! I made four bracelets that I'm SO proud of!! 

Ch-ch-check it out:

This purple one is my favorite, duh....

I highly recommend them all! They were all really cheap to make and easy-ish, once I got the hang of it. Find details about all them on my Pinterest DIY Board.

I've never been a big DIY-er, but now I may be hooked. I'm really liking my shiny goodies and am super proud! What should I make next?

Independent woman fail

So, I consider myself a relatively capable lady. But sometimes, things happen and you just need a man to come fix the problem. Is that so wrong?

This week alone, I've been locked out twice, needed to reach a really tall thing (which I ultimately broke trying to reach) and have had surprise car trouble. These are the things that send me into lady panic. On all occasions I sought the expert help of a dude. Luckily, when the dudes in my immediate surroundings weren't there, my trusty, sweet dad of course was there. He's the best. He's been helping me get my S together for 25 years....

My mom is pretty boss too, but she helps with different stuff.

It makes me mad at myself and feel like a disgraceful feminist to even type it out...sometimes I want a boyfriend. Am I weird? I'm reminded of this quote:
Tell me, internet, am I weak for even saying that? I need a pep talk. 

No matter what you tell me, car trouble = a man thing. right?
Oct 19, 2011

How Pinteresting - Fall Treats!

Hey! Happy Wednesday! I'm excited to be pinning today. I'm planning a little pumpkin-carving get together next week with some of my favorite friends and am brainstorming Halloweeny, fall-inspired treats for my pals. What better place to find genius ideas than Pinterest!


These are some of the ideas I'm considering:

Weiner Mummies
From Pinterest via here.

Caprese Eyeballs
From Pinterest via here

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds 3 Ways
Via Pinterest from here

Pumpkin Spice Cookies
From Pinterest via here

Cookie Cups
From Pinterest via here

Do you have any good ideas for a Halloween/Fall party?
Oct 18, 2011

Only. One. More. Month.

Yes friends, it's a month away. What, you ask?


It's the sexiest, steamiest installment of the Twilight saga with the most Edward shirtless parts (I'm expecting). Don't believe me, these glimpses prove it:

Watch the full trailer here. I'm psyched. Similar to my October 1 licence to be in full Halloween mode, one month until Breaking Dawn gives me full license to be in full Edward mode. So, friends, as of this day, I'm officially in vampire swoon mode. It's one of my favorite modes. I'll try to reserve Twilight-related posts for truly news-worthy tidibits, but no promises. I'm considering speed reading the book again. YES.

Sorry to nerd out. Actually, not that sorry.
Oct 17, 2011

New Award - THANKS!

I got a super sweet new award from precious Christina over at Christina's Pop Life... Go read her blog, like now. It's good.

Thanks jillions! Thanks! Love it! According to the rules, I'm supposed to share seven smoldering secrets about myself. I'm not totally sure if I'm ready for that...if it's heretofore been a secret from Poodleism, it's for a reason. :)

But, I'll hit some random facts that you might not know....

1. I'm left handed. Not just a lefty, but extremely disabled when it comes to my right hand. Nobody in my family is left handed and I maintain it's because I'm special...or weird. They'd say weird. One thing that's interesting about left-handedness is that people notice it all the time. Like when I check out somewhere or sign a receipt...I don't even sort of notice what hand people use. I guess it's just that freaky to most people. I like it because I don't think I have that much that makes me unique.
2.  I put balsamic vinegar on way too many things. Pasta, pizza, sandwich, sometimes potato chips. I don't know what about the salty bitterness that I crave, but I can't get enough. I think I'm going to be a weird preganant eater.

3. Everyone I know is getting married and I'm jealous of the registry more than any of it. Mommy wants a table mixer more than she wants a soul mate. Is that so wrong? 

4. I've been known to watch old girly movies when I'm by myself. This weekend? Steel Magolias. I cannot freaking get enough of those Louisianan firecrackers. My favorite has to be Truvy.

5. Me and roommate go on puppy binges. Occasionally we get lost (for hours) in Petfinder.com looking for the next addition to our household. Just as soon as I find a perfect one the prince usually barks or throws up or does soemthing that reminds me I have my hands pretty full with that handsome little furbaby. I recently found my dream poodle and had half a mind do drive straight to Arizona to get it. Dumb idea. Another poodle - WANT. 

6. Despite all that anti-bride talk above, the holidays make me want a kid. BAD. These halloweeny nuggets are the kinds of things I'm talking about:

I promptly push these ideas out of my head by staying out (and sleeping) extremely late on the weekends. 

7.  And now for the only secret. Single Poodleist has been living it up and channeling alot of this:

....and it's fun. Really fun.

Thanks again so much for the sweet award Christina! Millions of hearts and sparkles and love to you!

Pan Am - Love.

I'm fresh off of a pretty solid weekend. I got in lots of fun quality time with my 2 favorite girlfriends. Something like this might have happened:

 So now, it's Monday. And I'm groggy. Obviously.

Last night roommate and I watched the a new show that we are both digging this season...

Have you been watching Pan Am? I love it. I'm a sucker for movies/television set in another time, but so far this one seems to have a little more substance than I was expecting. Christina Ricci is looking faboo, where the heck has she been? (I have a hard time seeing her and not thinking of Casper. tee hee.)

Despite my talk of substance, this might be one of the main reasons I like it:

His name is Mike Vogel and I think I love him. I can't get enough of a uniform. He's also been in The Help, Rumor Has It and Sisterhood of  the Traveling Pants. I'd been trying to figure out where I'd seen him, one of those has got to be it. I'm a slave to girly movies, including all three of those.

Side note: go do this today...

Mingle 240

Anyway, what are your thoughts on Pan Am? 
Oct 13, 2011

Opthomologist = Terrible Man

I try not to discuss issues of my personal health with you friends, but I don't think eyeballs count because they're on the outside (sort of). I have bad vision. Not like terrible blindness, but I haven't been able to effectively see without some help for like 12ish years. It's annoying, but just part of my deal.

I'm a contacts person through and through. I have glasses I wear at home, but rarely out of the house. There isn't a problem with them per se, but really just a mental block. Whatever. I went to the eye man this morning to get a prescription for more contacts and some allergy drops. He gets in there and throws a fit about what he thinks is "early signs of dry eye." This is apparently a serious thing.

He won't give me more contacts and tells me I cannot under any circumstances wear my contacts for 2 weeks. I have to do all these medicines and go back to him then. These words I hear like a death sentence. The man could have been much nicer (honestly, he was pretty rude about my "eye negligence", which is a real thing he said), but really I'm so super annoyed. 

I don't know why, but when I'm bespectacled I feel like this:

So, in the interest of this whole "being a better me" thing (annoying)....in these next 2 weeks I'm going to try to take it as a challenge to feel more like this:

Tell me, dear internet amigas, are you stricken with required corrective lenses of some sort? How do you channel your inner Powerhouse Tina Fey? How do you keep 80's Liz Lemon at bay? 

Help, I needs the help.
Oct 12, 2011

DIY Bracelets, thanks Pinterest!

Yesterday I randomly got on a DIY kick. Roommate (who, by the way, I'm brainstorming blog names for and if you're a lucky person to know her in real life, I'd love suggestions) alerted me to some AWESOME DIY bracelet ideas from the Pinterest. I got her addicted to the pinning, too. We enable each other in a lot of ways, and this could be the healthiest, so I'll take it.

Thanks for the sweet linkup from newlywed Michelle over at the Vintage Apple for her famous...

I'm already working on collecting the materials to make all of these:
Via Pinterest from here.
Via Pinterest from here
Via Pinterest from here
Via Pinterest from here

Some of the supplies have proven to be difficult-ish to get my hands on, but I love a shopping quest. Updates on the bracelets to come...

Oh, Pinterest, how I love thee.



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