Sep 7, 2011

WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting

I'm blowing you up with linkups this Wednesday morning...

Today, I'm LOVING...
  • Cool-ish weather in Austin. It's been fabulous. The highs have been in the high 80's and low 90's the last few days. This feels like a crisp fall day to us. It's been a blistering summer. I've been going running. Outdoors. Like in the sun. It's amazing. Look at this:

69? What? Really? Looks like the sweltering-ness may be coming back. BOO.
  • Pirate's Booty. I've recently discovered this cheesey goodness and I can't freaking get enough. It's not totally awful for you, but cheesey enough to satisfy even the most potent of cheese tooths (like mine). 

I had to buy the little bags meant for kids lunchboxes so I don't gorge you ever do that? Also, let's just face it: there's just too many giggles to be had when enjoying a snack that involves the word "Booty."
  • The Hunger Games. I just started it last night and stayed up way past my bedtime unable to tear my eyes away. Can't wait to curl up and continue tonight.
Have you read? Any good? Please, no spoilers.

Nice weather, cheesey snacks and a good book. Sometimes it's just the simple things in life that keep me going. Now, on to this...


This weekend I'm going away for a fun river weekend at a friend's house on the Llano river. I've been assigned to bring treats and I can't decide what to bring. I'm dying to try these recipes I've found on Pinterest.....which one should I pick?

Oreos Rice Crispy Treats

S'mores Cookies

Cookies and Cream Cheesecakecupcakes

What's your vote? I'm leaning toward the third one. Do I need to maybe make two of them?

Have a great day! Thanks for the linkups Michelle and Jamie!


  1. Yay! I am so glad you are reading The Hunger Games too! Now I have someone to talk to about it! So jealous of your "cool-ish" weather! Were still in the 100's!

  2. Mom just sent me a huge bag of those individual pirate's booty. Great minds think alike. I have looked for the Hunger Games upteen times in Barnes and Noble and can't find it. Guess I could just ask. That would be too easy, but I do need something to distract me from my Management and Financial Planning textbooks.

  3. Pirates Booty is my FAVORITE and (somewhat healthy) snack. I love it!

  4. seriously, you and I must be somehow in sync cause we are following the exact same reading schedule...just finished One Day and just started Hunger Games!
    Oh and I LOVE Pirate Booty too (just finished a whole bag yesterday...the big ones!)

  5. The Hunger Games is just all kinds of magic. You will be obsessed, I know it.

  6. You will LOVE the Hunger Games, and the rest of the books. It's SO freaking good! :)

  7. Great things you are loving today :)

  8. This cool weather is AMAZING! Love it!

    And The Hunger Games were so good! I really enjoyed them a lot more than I thought I would. If you haven't heard of it, I've also heard raves of the book Divergent if you liked HG.

  9. Those oreo rice crispy treats look delicious!!

  10. I recently got into The Hunger Games books too. I just started Mockingjay last night. The first one is by far the best, but I really like the whole series. I want to try those s'mores cookies asap!


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