Sep 13, 2011


I never thought this day would come...I like the NFL...alot. This season, for the first time ever, I've decided to partake in ESPN Fantasy Football. I'm completely, friggin', totally, addicted to it. I needed a little help getting this thing set up, but now I can't get enough.  I'm in a league with a bunch of girls, most of which have a behind the scenes advisor (i.e. man person that knows what he's doing), but I'm going to try to do this all by my little independent woman self. 

I spent the weekend with my eyes glued to the app. I find a lot of humor in the fact that it's nestled right there between US Weekly and Pinterest:

I'm such a woman.

Anyway, the real point of this post, for my first week, I WON! I beat my opponent by only 2 points and it came down to the end of the last game of Monday night football. I was sitting awake, after midnight on a school night, unable to tear my eyes away from the television. Manfriend waited for this day to come for 3 years. Irony.

The only downside is I'm stuck with this d-bag as my QB:

Always with the backwards hat. WHY?

I was traveling and let some of my league mates supervise an autodraft. Rookie mistake. Talk about getting screwed. Not only am I a Houston girl, and despise the Cowboys, I've always found Tony Romo to be supremely uncool. I named my team "Baby Were Born This Way..." as a backhanded homage to how un-hetero I find him. But now, after we won, I feel guilty. But not that guilty. I'm going to have to figure out this trading business so I don't have to watch every Cowboys game the rest of the year...

Thanks for reading, I just wanted to boast of my victory and pride. I'm excited to have this to pay attention to. I'm hoping to learn alot of NFL factoids that I'll be able to pull out when I need to impress people. I think I'm on my way....


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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