Sep 28, 2011

television is BACK!

So last week, while I was in a Dallas black hole, TELEVISION CAME BACK, and I didn't get to soak any of it in.  I wasn't even here to appreciate all the glory that is network T.V. premier week. Typically, premier week is a ritualistic, blackout period of awesome in my world. All place cease. I don't keep this up the whole fall, but demand to for the premiers. UGH. But thanks, to the genius sauce that is DVR, this week I'm getting all caught up. Thoughts:

Modern Family

Like always, it was the best by far. They got a new little Lily, who's sassy. I miss old, mute, precious Lily. But, it was pretty genius. They left Dylan (Haley's BF) at the dude ranch, which saddens me. I love him. 

The Office

I've been a fan for a long time, but I'm kind of running out of interest. Pam is pregger, Angela is sassy, Dwight is weird. I'm feeling like we've seen it all. I am excited to see James Spader, I like thim. I can't help but think of him as the villainous Steff on Pretty and Pink.

Parks and Recreation

Per usual, Ron Swanson stole the show. Tammy 1 (his first wife) came back and he had a jet pack hidden in the air conditioning vents at city hall so he could flee her at any time. GENIUS.

Gray's Anatomy

Drama galore. Am I the only one still watching this. Meredith and Derek are in fight central. Christina is a neurotic mess. Alex Karev is a jerk. Mark Sloane is cocky. Why haven't I gotten sick of this yet? No se.


I wasn't really all that impressed. Community episodes have left me in complete stitches in the past, but not this time. I hope it picks up. There needs to be a lot more Dean and alot more Chang. ALOT more Chang.

Up All Night

Wasn't a big fan. Shame, I LOVE, LOVE Will Arnett, but baby tales don't do much for me at this point. Long live Gob Bluth. I don't think I can commit to that one.

Free Agents

Synopsis: divorcee learning to date. Snooze.

I still have so much to catch up on: Gossip Girl and Glee! Also, I want to check out the new shows Whitney and The New Girl.

So tell me, internet, is it weird to love premier week as much as I do? Is it ok to call it "my super bowl"? Or should I reserve that term for finales week? Decisions, decisions. Did you have any thoughts about the return of television?


  1. I still watch Greys and I thought last week's episode was pretty good. You and I might be the only ones tho haha.

  2. I loved the Office! I felt the same about Community. And I've really enjoyed Up All Night.

    I literally laughed so hard I cried at New Girl.

  3. I get so excited too over premiere week. Why would I get excited for finale's that means all the fun is ending.

  4. Yay for Modern Family and the Office!

  5. I love love love Modern Family. It makes my heart happy. I still watch grey's as well! I can't help it...I have watched it from the beginning and it still keeps my entertained :)

  6. I, too, think of premiere week as a week-long holiday (only I'm getting my grad degree in media and culture, so I get to call it "research").

    - I really need to start watching Modern Family, but I'm one of those people who needs to start from the beginning and it's not on Netflix instant. Maybe I just need to break down and buy Hulu+.

    - Didn't watch Up All Night, but I am so with you. Long live Gob Bluth.

    - James Spader is pretty good on The Office. It's weird, though, because I love him from Boston Legal and he's so put together and sexy in a weird way in that show. He's looking hella old now.

    - Parks and Rec: Consistently the funniest show on TV. Hasn't had a bad episode since the first season. I just don't get how they pull it off. On the flip side, Community hasn't been funny since the first season. =(

    - I gave up on Grey's long ago when Izzie was having sex with dead Denny. I know they explained that away with the brain tumor, but I just couldn't handle it.

  7. I can recommend The New Girl. The first one had me in stitches (and the second was really cute).


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