Sep 8, 2011

It's OK...

Hello all. Today (sorry for the linkup mania this week) I'm doing this:

It's OK.... have a roommate baking date just for fun. We made this little heavennugget:

It's an Oreo Cheescake Cupcake. MindF. Recipe here. suck so bad at Fantasty Football that you have to call a boy to help. I'm trying really hard at this "look at me, I'm a real fan" business. It's the first day, I'll get the hang of it. take offense when people have poodle bias. They're a-holes. Look at this face: love books for teens. Hi, the Hunger Games is amazing. And we all know how I feel about Twilight. listen to the Grease Soundtrack channel on Pandora at low moments. Or high moments. But mostly low. Oh's ok to wish this is what I look like:

new fitness goal: make this Halloween costume happen. not finish a bottle of wine when it isn't that good. I haven't mastered this one yet, but I'm still repeating my affirmations. buy myself a KitchenAid mixer even though I'm not a bride. Right? I think I need one. They're for everyone, right? I'd buy this color:
although, this exists. be sad that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians season is over. exclusively use purple pens. already be thinking about a sequined dress I need for New Years Eve:

Welp, thanks for peeking into my world this Thursday afternoon. Love ya!


  1. Oooh, I haven't tried the Grease station! I need to do that. I also need a KitchenAid mixer. I love, love, love that dress!

  2. I think I need that sequined dress as well:)

  3. Growing up my mom always had Poodles. My mom loves Toy Poodles and they are the sweetest dogs. They seem to have a bad rep though, similar to Chihuahuas. Both breeds are the sweetest dogs I have ever owned.

  4. You and Mallis both have the same goal for Halloween, ya'll should chat about it

  5. I need some of that oreo cheesecake! I LOVE KUWTK, and am sad it's over too :(

  6. Hi Casey! Just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your blog. I feel like it is keeping me somewhat up to date on all the things I miss about Texas from over here in Togo. I hope you're doing well! -Katy K.


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