Sep 27, 2011

Friends Are the Family You Choose

Hi. Yesterday I wrote to you from a dark space. I didn't even mean to be so doom and gloom, just that I'm in a mental and emotional rut. The response was like ridiculously, overwhelmingly uplifting. What the hell did I do before I had this blog with which to seek much-needed pats on the back? A couple of you commented (blog BFFs Meg, Meg O., Christina and Amber - I'm talking to you), and a few sent private emails (which I can get at: casey{at}poodleism{dot}com). But, a certain, very close friend sent me this email.
It's an honest and heartfelt list of things she thinks I'm good at. There are 20... 20. Here it is verbatim:

Subject: Stalker Email

Call me a stalker if you want but I was motivated by your yesterday's blog post to write you this email.

Things you are good at:
1) humor
2) sarcasm
3) dating
4) writing
5) taking care of other people's S
6) cooking
7) creativity
8) ideas
9) putting things into perspective (for me especially :) )
10) exercise
11) nails and makeup
12) home making
13) conversation
14) FUN
15) taking care of the prince
16) making lists and getting it all done
17) moving. you're a pro.
18) shopping
19) current events
20) hangovers

If you want my advise--and you probably don't, hehe- find a way to take a day off soon and do exactly what you want to do and don't apologize for it. After all, isn't that what some the people that annoy you are doing for themselves?

Are we being real for a second? This made me happy cry. It genuinely made me tear up at my desk in the middle of a professional firestorm. This is not something I do. If you don't have a friend like this, I highly recommend you taking all steps possible to acquire one. She's seen me at my worst and still can think of 20 g-d things. 20. Blown away.

The ones that touch me the most:
- "putting things into perspective": why can't I do this for myself?
- "taking care of other people's S": meanwhile, I'm neck deep in my own S.
- "humor": ultimate compliment to me

The funniest: dating (hah!), hangovers (that's just the damn truth), moving (my dad might disagree)

Teaching moment of the day:

So, as an update to yesterday: to-do list is made, poodle has cuddled me out of the dark zone, but mostly....blessings are counted.


  1. What amazing advice!! Your life is full of wonderful people who will always care about you - you just have to let them. :) So glad you were touched by yesterday! Now, go take a Casey day and be your crazy BA self!

  2. Hahaha! Hangovers! This was so sweet. Sometimes you just have to reach out and someone will knock some sense into you. What a great friend. And yay for taking a day off! I totally agree.

  3. So glad the blogging fraternity gave you a lift. Maybe I need to write me one of those posts too. I've seriously lost my mojo. At the moment I'm just trawling through the blogs that I follow looking for inspiration. Wish me luck!

  4. It always amazes me the power of bloggie friends. And friends in general, too, but bloggie friends are just a little bit more surprising when they show up and support. I just now saw your post, and I hope that things get better. I've been in a bit of a funk about certain things in my life as well, and sometimes it spills over into other things. Just try and take some time for yourself to do things that make YOU happy. And hopefully the happy will start spilling over into the other "icky" things :)
    *interwebs hugs*

  5. Sorry you were going through a rough patch...and I'm glad we can all be here to help ya! BTW, I love the list that your friend emailed sweet.

  6. What an incredibly sweet email! I'm glad it made your day better. I heart you, Casey!!!!

  7. Love that quote! And you totally deserved that email, so happy it made you cry - in a good way! ;)


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