Sep 30, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

Hey! Believe it or not, this Friday ritual is still a thing I do. It's been a while (over a month!) and me no likey the hiatus. Today, I'm BACK!

1. Ryan Gosling and George Clooney together on the red carpet...this ACTUALLY HAPPENED:

It's pretty rare, and absurdly steamy, for two members of my elite Fantasy Boyfriends Club to have a real-life rendezvous. It sends me into sensory overload to imagine a meeting of the minds such as this. They're going to be in a whole movie together (which I CAN'T WAIT for). It's called the Ides of March and it's about politics....

This 'Face/Off'-style amalgamation of sexy is kind of a mindF for me. I can't even really look at it too much...totally overwhelmed.

2. A Dutch man got caught in the airport with over a dozen live hummingbirds in his pants:

I'm sorry for the graphic-ness on that picture, but you can't see the birdies and not see the bulge. This is a weird thing. He had hand sewn compartments for them and taped to his pants. What's even weirder? He has a prior charge for this same offense. What the hell?  What could this obsession with smuggling tiny birds be? I would imagine those little beaks could really peck the heck out of his junk (there's a "that's what she said" in there somehwere...giggle). Weird.

3. POWERBABIES UNITE. Gwen Stefani's babies and Angelina Jolie's babies are friends:

Jolie brought her brood over to Gwen's London home for dinner and a play date. WHAT THE HELL. What do they talk about? Do they just sit around and talk about good pre-schools and sippy cups like other moms? Or do they discuss how they are raising an army of pretty people who could will dominate the entire world? I think it has to be the second thing, right?

4. Coffee fights depression in women. Shocker, right?  A new study shows that women who drink full-caffeine coffee are 20% less likely to battle depression.

The same effects weren't present with other caffeinated beverages - decaf, tea, cola. But, you can't drink much, because it can cause anxiety and insomnia. To me, this isn't exactly groundbreaking stuff. But, however, I love when I find science that validates my unhealthy habits. So, gals, drink away!

5. Quote of the Week:

Little preface: The Kardashian girls got professional makeup lessons when they were teens and now Khloe and Kim have this to say about it..
"...we've turned out to be the biggest trannies because of it."
I've been saying the Kardashian girls were tranny-licious for YEARS. I'm glad that's finally out in the open. Those girls don't leave the house in less than 5lbs of makeup, aren't known for any real talent and mercilessly "marry up" on television....when I think too much about them I get mad at the state of pop culture. But, this "tranny" admission does refresh me. Despite all of the things, I've just said, I will remain an E! loyalist. I have to. VIVA trannies who own it!

6. Doritos' inventor will be buried with some chips. The man who's responsible for the genius explosion of tastiness that are Doritos tortilla chips, Arch West, died last week in Dallas at the age of 97.

He thought of the chip and pitched his idea to Frito-Lay in 1961. They were skeptical, but the chips have become one of their most iconic products. Now, sadly, he's no longer with us, but he will live in eternity with Doritos. His family intends to sprinkle some of the chips in where he's being buried. This is a weird thing to me. I wonder how long the chips will stay orange underground? Probably a really long time. I may just need to partake in some Doritos in his memory, right? I think I have to go with Cool Ranch. Those are flipping delicious.

I'm looking forward to a slow weekend of relaxing with my favorite pups and perhaps some good friends time. Goal is to get in 2 workouts and be healthy-ish. It's the weekend, "ish" is about all I can hope for. Love you, loves!


  1. um..totally weirded out that I am currently eating doritos while reading about the death of the doritos man..especially since I haven't had a bag of doritos in years!

    I feel really bad for those birds :(

  2. #1 I have missed your Friday newsflash

    #2 The hummingbird story is too bizarre for words. wth? Those poor birds...they were awfully close to his...(you know what).

    #3 For some reason I just love the Kardashians. I have always wondered why they have to wear so much dammn eye makeup though.

    #4 I need some dorito's now!

  3. I am soooo excited to see Ides of March, not only because of the eye candy, but it actually looks like a great movie!

    I read about the coffee being linked to happy women and LOVED that. Totally a reason for me to drink more coffee ;) Oh, and I was gonna blog about it!

  4. Ides of March looks AMAZING! They filmed part of the movie on my college campus and I went in a desperate attempt to see either of them. Of course, it didn't happen...but I liked knowing we were in the same place at the same time.

    I might be the only girl on the planet who finds another costar (Max Minghella) more attractive than George and Ryan!

  5. So glad that your Newsflash Friday is back!! And OMG...Ryan & George together makes me swoon. :)

  6. I can’t wait to see Ides of March! It’s my must see movie this fall. I don’t even have words for the hummingbird guy. What the hell? Ugh, the Kardashians bug me. I kinda like Khloe, but that’s about it. Kim is really getting on my last nerve lately. And those little sisters are trannies in the making! Mmmm…thanks for making me crave Doritos! That brings me back to 7th grade when my lunch was a bag of Cool Ranch and a Mr. Pibb. So healthy!


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