Sep 30, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday!

Haven't done this one in a while, so just for funsies:

1.   My current obsession is    trying to get my butt back in shape. I'm finally feeling healthy and am ready to get my body back into a good place. I like to feel confident about how I look and I've been in ankle-healing hell for months. It's go time, baby.

2.   My wonderful friends (and obviously the Prince)    make me happy.

3.  My greatest strength is   my ability to find humor in things. I spend a lot of my life giggling to myself. It's not a bad way to experience the world.

4. Obsessing and worrying about things I can't change   is my greatest weakness
(PS: me just typing that out to the internet might have been a mini breakthrough)

5. My life is    an evolution. I often feel that every passing week and month (heck, even day sometimes) is a whole new adventure. This year I've seen alot of changes and done a lot of nomad-ing (figuratively and literally), so I'm figuring out how to thrive on the move.

6. In high school I was     pretty regular, I think. Not a star athlete or popular kid, but not a dork (or mostly not a dork). I always had lots of random friend groups, and at the time didn't feel like I belonged anywhere, but now am thankful for having kept things random.

7. When I'm super tired    I get really cranky. If I need sleep, you better believe that T.Rex Casey is coming out. That's my grouchier, bitchier and less pleasant alter ego. Lucky for all of you, I'm feeling quite rested today.

PS: There will be a newsflash today. It's been 3940830597 years, but I'm on it today.

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