Sep 19, 2011

Emmys Fashion Recap!

Last night, after a long party weekend out at ACL fest (even though I only went one day like an extreme old person), roommate and I settled in to watch the Emmy Awards. There were lots of good winners, but Modern Family stole the show. It won best comedy, best directing, best writing and both Dunphy parents got an acting Emmy:

As for the fashions, see an entire slideshow here, but these are the ones I have thoughts about...

Ones I LOVE:

Brooke Burke
I'm a sucker for assymmetry and magenta.

Naya Rivera
Santana = smokin'. I love the structured top.

Claire Danes

Sofia Vergara
Can she be more bangin'? Also, love those big green earrings. Perfect.

Julie Bowen
I love the sequin pattern. I wish she would gain a couple L -Bs, but I love this.

Amy Poehler
Roommate (who's way more fashion savvy than me) wasn't a fan, but I like Amy's kind of different take. I like the color. Also, I want to steal her husband. Gob Bluth FOREVER!

Strangely, RED dominated the night:

Lea Michelle
Not a fan.

Nina Dobrev
Vampire Diaries = poo man's Gossip Girl meets poor man's Twilight. But the dress has a little much going on for me.

Giuliana Rancic
Interviewing people, she looked like twins. Come on, E!

Adrianne Palicki
Love you and your dark hair, Tyra!

Kerry Washington
She's looking tiny. I do really like the subtle sparkles.

Kate Winslet
She's ridiculously talented, but am I the only one sick of watching her win stuff?

Kathy Griffin
Bad prom dress.Guess we can't expect much else.

And the men:

Joel McHale
Hello, gorgeous.

Cory Monteith
Finn Hudson = dork. Cory monteith = sex machine.

Ones that didn't work for me at all:

Julianna Margulies
Wedding dress with shiny golf balls. No likey.

Gweneth Paltrow
Belly. really?

Katie Holmes
Unflattering snooze-fest. Also, why didn't she have time to get her hair did?

There are fashion experts with things to say here. Generally, I liked the show. I love awards shows on a lazy recovery Sunday. What were your likes/dislikes?


  1. I wish I had watched more of the show... it seems like football and other stuff on my DVR dominated! I really love Sofia Vergara!

  2. I just watched the red carpet and the show yesterday {thank goodness for the DVR}...somehow I missed Brooke Burke's is so beautiful!!

    I gave you an award over on my blog!!

  3. Holy red! I guess I didn’t notice it until you put it all together. Red on a red carpet just doesn’t work for me. I also loved Naya Rivera and Sofia Vergara, who looked perfect, as usual. Julie Bowen is sooo skinny.


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