Sep 14, 2011

Broken Target

Welp, the Missoni for Target Collection came and went. By that I mean, yesterday, when the collection launched, it literally BROKE I went to the site a few times throughout the day and repeatedly got this:

What you're seeing there, folks, is BROKEN TARGET. How could this happen?!? By the time I got to log back on this morning, most everything, and obviously the items I want, were totally sold out online. In my fantasy dreamworld, where Target wasn't broken yesterday, I would have bought these from the line:

Shop the entire collection here, but don't expect to buy anything. BOOO. Damn those Target geniuses and their good ideas. But I will say, if you're going to have good ideas, you need a good website. I'm cranky about this. 

Tonight I think I'll go trolling my local targets for any scraps left over. I have to, right?


  1. I saw someone on fb yesterday who I know from HS complaining about the launch of Missoni on Target, but not bc of the sight issues but because she was mad that she had paid a lot of money for things from this designer, and now believed that the things she bought were "less valuable" than they had been before because the "lowly Target" (blasphemous words!) was selling it now. She also lives in L.A.
    The whole thing kind of made me laugh.
    Sucks about the Target site being down tho. Hopefully they will get some more product and you can buy to your heart's content! :)

  2. I'm not all over this, I'll be honest. When the hype dies down, I'll probably go in and get something ;)

  3. That's crazy the site crashed! I like the 2nd dress you posted :)

  4. Love the black and white one, so pretty! Sorry you couldn't buy anything, that really sucks!

  5. I tried online yesterday too. I went into Target today and there was nothing left! I got some hair clips and a clutch. I'm so mad I missed out! I really wanted some home stuff.

  6. that's crazy!! target is usually pretty awesome but that's not cool.

  7. This made me go on a(n internet) window shopping spree. And now I'm sad. I need a sugar daddy.


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