Aug 4, 2011

A Pig? Really?

Last night me and some sweet pals headed to one of my favorite Austiny events, Blues on the Green. It's a giant, free concert in park every other Wednesday night in the summer. You bring picnics, blankets, dogs and just relax. It's great. Behold our cuteness:

There's all kinds of Austiny absurdities all around. I can't really explain any better than that, but there's lost of people watching to be done. Last night someone brought THIS:

Yes, folks, that's a pig on a leash. The thing was huge. It had to have weighed like 200lbs. Dragging a pig around with you must be inconvenient. They always say pigs are smart, but this one wasn't even remotely responding to what was happening around him. I honestly sort of felt bad for the guy. He probably just wanted to nom on some tasty snacks, not be a sideshow for his attention-seeking owner. He did try to get that snout in my wineglass. Oh hells no.

His name was Munchy. Dumb name. Other amazing pig names that have been brought to my attention since I met Munchy include: bacon, Spider pig and Notorious P.I.G. Genius. I think I'm going to need to acquire a pig just so I can name it Notorious P.I.G....can you say bucket list?

Obviously, I had to partake in a pig pet and photo op. Duh. Why else do I have this blog? To not share a public pig sighting? I think not. It was a strange thing. I woke up worried about poor Munchy this morning. Did he make it home safely? Was he hung over? 

On a semi-related note, look at the preciousness that accompanied me to Blues on the Green two weeks ago:

Now that's a concert companion if I've ever seen one.

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  1. Yeah, that pig had to be just for attention! Like who walks a pig on a leash?! Your pup is THE CUTEST!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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