Aug 24, 2011

Obligatory Heat-Related Post..I really tried to hold out

Well folks, we've finally done it. Here in beautiful Austin, TX we've broken a RIDICULOUS record for heat. Today, we are on our 70th day of triple-digit temperatures this year. People have been talking all summer about breaking this record and the day is finally here. Now, maybe we can quit talking about it and focus on cooler days ahead. Probably not going to happen.

The record was set 86 freaking years ago. We can now all say we'e lived through the hottest summer on record. WHAT. THE. HELL. Literally.

The better news? It looks like we're going to blow that record out of the water:

 We're going to smash through the record like the Kool-Aid Man:

How awesome are those little fireballs? I feel like those are lurking in every corner around town. I wonder what the need for the tongues is? I wonder where I can get some Kool-Aid to destroy the invisible fireballs all around me? asap.

But for serious, there's nothing "kool" about this situation. Not even Kool with a K. The heat is blistering. Outdoor activites are nearly impossible. I'm sweating like Angus over here. There's a serious drought causing animals to die and wildfires to break out.

For real though, livestock dropping dead and random fires. I can't help but have apocalyptic thoughts....

Officially over it I hope wherever you are you're Kooler than me. You have to be.


  1. Yes, we're cooler here (thank G-D!!!!), but after having code purple smoke alerts for the past 2 weeks (there's a wildfire burning nearby), surviving a MAJOR earthquake (***sarcasm***), and preparing for a hurricane this weekend, I'm having my own share of apocalyptic thoughts
    I hope your heat breaks soon...we had it for about a week and I was miserable!

  2. Hang in there! And prepare for your AC bill! :)

  3. So it just rained here this morning and you would have thought I was a nut for how excited I was to have it!!!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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