Aug 11, 2011

Hey, it's OK!

I pulled one of these last week, totally by my own devices. But now, alas, I've found this fabulous linkup. I'm loving the idea of internet validation for the ridiculous things I do...

Hey, it's OK.... hate sushi. I keep meeting people in my world who just can't wrap their mind around it. I'm sorry, but it tastes like the inside of an aquarium. I feel like I have this conversation like once a week. tear up when you hear the line "Nobody puts baby in a corner." (right?) be afraid of the dark as a grown woman. hide people from your Facebook wall because they won't shut up about their baby's runny nose. drink wine alone in bed with the Kardashians. That's actually almost the only way they're tolerable. have a diet holiday. look forward to Jersey Shore night (TONIGHT!!!) as if it's your own birthday. wish your blog friends lived in your town. Like alot. become a squealy, blushing girl over measly text from a boy you like. (right, internet?!?!)

Welp, I've sufficiently exposed myself for one morning. Have a terrific Thursday all! It's almost the weekend, but even closer to T-SHIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRT TTTIIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMEEE. 


  1. I seriously need to hide FB friends for that same reason, too.


  3. I have definitely hidden my fair share of people for their inane postings on fb. I don't really care that you went to the bathroom. That you're going grocery shopping. That there is a bird outside your window. Ugh. (Not to mention the Frontier-ville posts...Arg!)
    Totally with ya, on many of these :)

  4. Visiting from Amber's page-- jersey shore, kardashians, wine--- all acceptable!!! It's ok!

  5. Laughed out loud to that second one. And seriously, if I had a nickel for every time I wished a bloggy friend lived close!

  6. Love "meeting" another blogger from Austin. Would you be interested in a meet-up?
    I'm trying to get an Austin meet-up group together so let me know if you or any other Austin bloggers you know would be interested!
    Have a great day!

  7. Yaaay thanks for linking up girl! I am afraid of the dark too :-/ and don't like sushi!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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