Aug 2, 2011

Hey! It's Ok....

There are a few random nuggets swirling in my mind today. I've decided that it's perfectly OK... officially change your stance on Kathy Lee and Hoda's hour(s) on the Today show. I'm starting to think they're my soul sisters. Today was Tuesday Boozeday...HILARIOUS. have deep, bizarrely personal conversations with two doggies because you work at home alone all day. see engagement portraits on Facebook (alot of them) and consider going on a shooting spree but settle for "likes" and encouraging comments. eat weird things. I put salami in my eggs the other day. It's all I had and I needed meat. Sometimes a girl needs meat. miss Teen Mom enough to Google when it's coming back (still a little embarrassed...) talk back to Jillian Michaels when she makes you hurt. She's doing your body good, but a little mid-lunge sarcasm never hurt anyone. not buy stuff with breast cancer insignia on it. Can't they sell stuff in all the colors of the rainbow and just donate some money to breast cancer awareness? Why do they make everything pink? I really do want to support, but don't want everything I own to look like it belongs in Barbie's dreamhouse. accidentally spend too much money at Sephora in the name of "necessary physical maintenance." Your broke-er, but dammit, you're sparklier, and that's all that matters. have no idea what you're doing. At all. (right?)

Got any semi-confessions to share? Please? Validate me.


  1. It's ok to call your day a complete wash because you left your mac and cheese at the end of the check out line... Haha. Great post!!!

  2. I've never seen Kathie Lee and Hoda, but I watch the sketches on SNL and it makes me want to tune in. I need to! I agree with you about pink breast cancer stuff. It's getting ridiculous.


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