Aug 22, 2011

Happy First Day of School!

Today my heart goes out to all my teacher friends. In alot of places it's the first day of school. I know several of you teachers in the blog world, some BFFs in the real world, heck, even my momma!

A part of me has a spiteful smirk about all of you having to get back to work after a summer of relaxation, but really I'm just feeling nostalgic about the whole back to school experience. I remember the nervousness of first day. I love an annual fresh start. I should try to replicate it in my adult life. 

There are some of the things I really miss about school days:
  • First day butterflies. In high school I think about my outfit for weeks. Recently I was headed out for the night and tried on around 7825416 outfits. I guess not much has changed on that front.
  • Best pals all around. One of my favorite memories of high school is getting to gab with my friends throughout the day. I loved the between-classes, 5-minute gossip summit every day. I guess I still sort of do that with my favorites via internet during the work day, but not the same.
  • Backpacks. I love a backpack. I wish I could carry one around with me everyday. I guess I could, but I'm trying to be a marginally attractive adult female.
  • School supplies. Fresh pencils, notebooks and markers have always excited me. I have a feeling times have changed a little:
  • Summer and winter breaks. Enough said.
Also, some of my favorite cinematic nuggets take place in schools:

On a related note, a recent favorite teacher, who I know in the real world, always begins a new semester with a joke. This was the choice for today:

What kind of clothes do clouds wear?

Giggles galore. Happy first day, teachers!

For the rest of us, happy another Monday....WOMP, WOMP.


  1. Yesss you put The Breakfast Club pic up, fave movie ever :) I miss high school too. My best friends and I would write out our outfits weeks in advance. I barely have time to think about what I'm going to wear tomorrow these days!

  2. I loved school clothes! Sometimes I wish I could just be a student forever. It beats having a job!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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