Aug 12, 2011

Friday August 12, 2011

T.G.I.F. I've had a long work week. Things are starting to really heat up with my workload and it's been a shock to my system. There's something about Friday that really makes me feel the need to blog...I wonder what that's about....Oh, it's Friday Newsflash day, duh!

1. Bridget Jones' Diary 3 is happening! It's been in the works for like 2 years and may finally be coming to life. Colin Firth spilled the beans that his character and Bridget have trouble having children and she finds her way back to Daniel Cleaver who ultimately dumps her...again. Seems a little predictable, but I can't wait. I love this tale because Bridget is so flawed. Rom Coms get me down sometimes. Nobody effing believes slender and perfect Katherine Heigl can't get a man. Chubby, smoking, drunken Bridget? Very believable. Can't wait!

2. Bread vending machines are here. Hallelujah! A French baker has invented the concept of baguette vending machines outside of his shop!

The purpose is for people needing a snack to be able to buy his treats at all hours of the day. He does a good business with the late-night bar hopping crowd. You just pop in your credit card, and out comes a piping hot, fresh baguette. Is this not the most genius thing you've ever heard of? I wonder if you can get butter/jelly/nutella with it. You must. I've been off bread for a while now, but I'd probably make a late night exception or two for this genius-ness. 

3. You can now buy a bronze statue of a nude Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Weird, right? A Brooklyn sculptor has conceived of this oddity, and it now lives in a Dallas adult film shop:

It's super weird and random, but what makes me tense-r about it is we all know the Biebs is just a baby. This is a strange, strange little item, but I'm tempted to go see it. The sicko celebrity voyeurist in me might not be able to resist. I'm thinking about it. On a related note, this wierdo sculptor has also made pieces of Suri Cruise's poop and Britney Spears giving birth. SO, weird.

4. New science indicates that babies develop their palate and start to taste things before they're born! What preggo mommy eats may shape her baby's taste for things for life! So, if you want your kid to like eating what you do, start early. This is how they figured it out. Babies in utero drink the amniotic fluid they're swimming around in all the time. They've now learned that the fluid tastes like what the mother eats! The flavors that show up prominently in the fluid are vanilla, carrot, garlic, anise and mint. But, they think all flavors are tasteable, just fainter. How did they learn this? They had a bunch of people sit around and drink amniotic fluid. SICK. SICK. SICK. Anyway, the big finding is that fetuses make food memories right off the bat. If I were knocked up right now, my little puppy would be slammin' on a turkey sub and lemonade. That's probably a food habit I could sustain for the child for the rest of it's life....right? Anyway, I thought this was super interesting.

5. What if all superheros were posed like Wonder woman? This is another odd little item. Some comic book artist has re-imagined several male super heroes in Wonder Woman's classic pose. The point I think is to demonstrate how over-sexualized she is. But for me, the result is just hilarious:

See more here. I don't know why, but the sight of a tranny Batman really tickles my funny bone. I might be totally geeking out on this one...

6. Quote of the week:
"I often feel like my shoes are the only part of me that know what I'm doing all the time because they're always with me. There's this one pair of boots that I always wear, and sometimes when I'm so alone in my hotel room, I look at them and I think how they really are the only things in my life that know exactly what I've been through all day." -- Lady Gaga on how her shoes are the only ones that "get her"
Well if this is the case, maybe my nosering is the only thing that really "gets" me in this world. It's the only item I guess that goes everywhere with me. Maybe it and I need to have a talk. If Lady Gaga's shoes are the only ones that get her, these are the geniuses she's talking about:

What?! She so crazy.

Well, there you have it. I couldn't really find the strength to discuss the London riots or stock market apocalypse that happened this week. Those both stress me out waaaaaay too much for a Friday. This weekend my planner is pretty open, my favorite way for it to be. Hopefully I'll get lots of sun and Prince playtime in. That should be pretty do-able. What about you? Hot weekend planned?


  1. HAHAHAHA you know how much I love your posts?! THIIIIIIS much. So sorry I've been MIA lately on the blog commenting...finalllly got my Internet up and running at my new house :) Missed ya, friend! Can't wait to catch up on all of your fabulous, hilarious posts :) happy weekend!

  2. Yay for Bridget Jones!!

    And Lady Gaga is one big bowl of cray cray.

  3. A bread vending machine is simultaneously my ultimate fantasy and my greatest nightmare.

    Also, you aren't the only one that loves those tranny superheroes. Thank you so much for that.


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