Aug 11, 2011

Dwarf Stripper Pole in a Bathroom Treehouse

Yep, that's a real thing. I saw that with my own little eyes this weekend.

I was at a classic, semi-historic bar in Austin called Donn's Depot. I'd always heard this place was cool, but just kind of never got around it. The place is known for it's piano bar, dance floor and "older" crowd. By that, I mean cowboys and swingers in their 60's. This is just the kind of people-watching cultural experience I live for.

I was there to meet a cousin who was in town for the night for some catching up and beers. All was going fabulously until I'd had three beers and it was bathroom time. This was the strangest bathroom in the history of all time...or at least the history of me.

You walk in and at first glance it's a little weird. It's like a circus motif, with red carpet. Hmm. Then as you're walking in, to the right. S GETS WEIRD....

There's no need for commentary....just the facts. There's a ladder to the lofted treehouse area. There's more red carpeting. There's a stripper pole (which I'm pretty sure had no structural purpose). The pole is less than 5 feet tall. There are carpeted benches from which to view the pole dancing.

Here's a closer look:


I have so many questions... 

First of all, why? 
Where are the dwarves for which this was built?
What's the need for it in the bathroom? 
Why the treehouse? 
Since only ladies are in this room, why the benches? 
Who conceived of this idea? 
Lastly, WHY?

Let's not forget this is right in the middle of the bathroom of a crowded bar. I was able to get some shots of the place all abandoned, but for most of the night women were leaned up against this thing waiting in line to pee. And NOBODY was freaking out...nobody was even really noticing. Maybe they were regulars, but how do you get used to a Dwarf Stripper Pole in a Bathroom Treehouse? I couldn't get used to it. In fact I had to take lots of pictures just to be able to prove the next day that I wasn't tripping out and this was a real thing.

Obviously, I had to give it a spin:

I'm leaned back because my head will hit the ceiling otherwise. Also, it's sexier....JK. I wanted to be hosed down with Purell after this. Worth it. Anyway, this is one of those nuggets of weird that made me originally want to blog. I really do love a good real-world WTF moment. 

The night ended up being great. There was copious chatting, giggles and beers. I'll def go back to Donn's Depot, it's one of those Austiny  places that just couldn't exist elsewhere. I loved it. 

But let's be honest, a Dwarf Stripper Pole in a Bathroom Treehouse is a weird, weird item.


  1. <3

    Also, some girl was having her birthday party and got snotted on by an old man while dancing. Weird.

  2. I love you. Only you would blog about a dwarf stripper pole.

  3. That is so weird and hilarious! I'm so glad you got up there and gave it a try.

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