Aug 19, 2011


This is a new linkup I'm giving a whirl, called Currently... with Jenn at Perfectly Imperfect. I'm trying to reach out to new blogs/linkups/cyber friends and Jenn's blog is really cute and she's an Austinite....YES! Here goes...

current book(s):
Embarassingly, I'm not really reading at the moment. I"m thinking of starting either the Hunger Games series or the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. Thoughts? Recommendations? I really need to get back reading.

current playlist:
Stars ~ The xx
Pieces of What ~ MGMT
We Own the Sky ~ m83
Starstruck ~ Santigold
(these are the first 4 on my current iTunes Genius mix)

current color:

Essie's Mint Candy Apple

current drink:
Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte. It's a special treat for me. I'm typically a home brewer.

current food:
At this moment? scrambled eggs with cheese, onion and red pepper. Go-to breakfast.

current favorite show:
Jersey Shore. Duh. I haven't seen last night's yet.

current wishlist:
Amazon Kindle. I think it will get me reading more again.

current needs:
ACL Three-Day Pass. Know of anyone selling?

current triumphs:
Jillian Michaels has been busting my ass. But, that's only because I've stuck to the plan. I'm feeling pretty strong about my current get skinny campaign.

current bane(s) of my existence:
The heat. Oh, the heat. My roommate affectionately refers to it as "The Devil's Taint." I haven't heard a more accurate description. We're on like our 65th day of over 100-degree heat here in Austin. Ridiculous.

current celebrity crush:
the men of Glee...

I'm in the middle of watching the entire series on Netflix. I hadn't ever seen the first season and am LOVING it. Hi, I think I need more Noah Puckerman in my life...or in my mouth. Whatever.

current #1 blessing:
My sweet Austin friends. I've lately been so thankful for the few key people in my world who've made my transition seamless and fun. I don't know what I'd do without my little network of BFFs here.

current indulgence:
Hmm...I can't really think of anything. I guess I'd have to say wine. I'm on a serious calorie restriction at the moment and any special treats I let myself have seem to be liquid. Worse things have happened, right?

current outfit:
I work at home alone all day. Let's just say there's nothing cute going on with my outfit at the moment. I've been trying to force myself to wear pants with a proper waistband everyday (like not gym shorts/PJs), but it's not going so great. Ooops.

current excitement:
A plan-less weekend. Lately I've been really enjoying the pace of my life being nice and calm. I hope to get in some exercise, get some sun and play with the Prince at the lake. At this moment he's getting his hair did. I got him a nice short summer hairdo, which mean's he'll be cool for weekend adventures.

current mood:
Sleepy after two weeknights in a row of being social. I've got to spread around my activities a little more. But, I feel happy and thankful that I have friends around me who always want to do fun things.

Thanks for reading, Newsflash comin' your way soon!


  1. Oh my, those Glee boys sure are good looking! I love that polish color, very pretty!

  2. I just finished The Hunger Games and plan on starting the second book this weekend. They are quick reads. I like ‘em. Cute nail polish! I’m loving Essie Clam Bake right now. Glee is so fun! I love all the guys too.

  3. Read both series! They are both excellent...though obviously for different reasons.

  4. Jersey Shore... all I'm going to say is "TWINNING." Love that shade of polish!

  5. I love the Glee guys!

    Btw, my coworker just bought a shirt that says "I love my poodle" on it and I thought of you, haha!

  6. I totally choked on you needing more Noah Puckerman! You are hilarious!!!

  7. I had to come down here to the comments before even finishing the rest of your post to beg you to read both the Hunger Games series and the Girl with the dragon tattoo series!! Both are amazing!
    Now let me go finish your post so I can tell you more things I love about your list

  8. well of course I love the essie polish! I was wearing a sally hansen earlier this week that was very similar. I love Starbucks but treat myself very infrequently too.
    Are you interested in an Austin blogger meetup?

    Thanks for linking up girlie - can't wait to read more about you!

  9. I love the nail color, I am going to have to go buy some Essie ASAP!

  10. Love that Essie polish, and skinny vanilla lattes are my fave :) Ever since I got my Kindle I've definitely read more!


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