Aug 12, 2011

Cabs a here

Good morning and happy Friday all! I know I just did a post like this earlier this week, but I'm brimming with  excitement about the Jersey Shore being back.

Boob Tube Babble

This season our guidos and guidettes have landed in the motherland -- Florence, Italy. There they'll work in a pizzaria and party their balls of. Naturally. I'm psyched.

So having seen the first two episodes, here's what's on my mind....
  • I disapprove of the Situation trying to scam on little Snooki while she has a boyfriend. No matter how ridiculous, you always want to root for Snooki. She really is sweet. The Situation is poison. I'm mad at him...

  • JWOWW is looking as tranny-licious as ever. This season she's skinnier, with bigger boobs bigger hair and a much surgically-altered face. Despite her bobblehead-ness these days, she seems to remain one of the more sane.

  • Vinny remains the cutest damn thing alive. He's the only one who even remotely speaks Italian, so his superior intelligence is even more pronounced than normal. LOVE him.

  • Deena and Pauly as a thing. Wrong. Just wrong. 

  • These two suck:

  • It's no surprise, that the Jersey Shore-ites' approach to international travel is just completely ridiculous. I kind of miss the days from the early seasons when they were more normal. Each of them brought like 200 pounds of spray tan, stripper heels and weave. So, so dumb:
Side note: can't Snooki spring for some better luggage?

I can't exactly put my finger on why I love the Jersey Shore so much.....

Oh, probably because it's the best trainwreck television to ever happen...ever. That's why.

Have you been watching this season? Any thoughts?


  1. Oh goodness, these people are just crazy!

    Thanks for linking up with Neely and me!

  2. I am tired of the situation!!! Seriously! My hubby has a bet with a coworker on how many episodes it takes for Sammi and Ronnie to hook up. He says four.

  3. I <3 Vinny, too! He kind of reminds me of this guy I know in real life. I know, you are shocked I know the difference between real life and TV. He's a little bit Vinny and a little bit Rob Kardashian.

  4. This is my shameful obsession. I love it entirely too much.
    But Deena + Pauly making out....SICK NASTY.

  5. Love Jersey Shore. I also hate Ronnie and Sam. Mike is just trying to get Snooki for the attention. He’s awful. Vinny and Pauly D are awesome and JWoww is my favorite!


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