Aug 23, 2011

Book, Television, Movie of Recent Note

So I want to recap/run down a few things that I've been soaking up lately.....

Book: One Day
I've just started it, and am only around a quarter of the way through, but I'm fascinated. It follows the relationship of two people over the course of 20 years, but only discusses one day, the same day (July 15) of each year. 

Have any of you read this? Any thoughts? Please no spoilers!

Television: The Kennedys
This weekend, in my productivity hurricane, I watched this entire mini-series on Netflix. It's 8 45-minute episodes that trace the history of the Kennedy family for more than 30 years. I love real, life tales of drama, scandal, intrigue. It made me annoyed that many of the famouses we get to enjoy today don't have the prestige and glamour of this political family.

Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes (playing JFK and Jackie) were genius, but really the character of Robert "Bobbie" Kennedy fascinated me more. I had no idea what a dynamic power player he was in those days. I was practically glued to all the episodes. While its a scandaly, juicy piece of goodness, I kind of felt like it was educational. I highly recommend you check it out.

Movie: The Help
Lots of people are blogging/talking about it. I thought it was fantastic. Emma Stone was great, but the ladies cast at the maids really stole the show. I loved it, but I left the movie really unsettled about this strange chapter in American history. It made me wonder what relationship my Southern family had to the Civil Rights movement and domestic employees. I intend to do some digging on that front....Favorite thing from the movie:

Got any good recommendations for Books/Movies/Television I should investigate? I'm on kind of a media absorption spree right now...


  1. I've read One Day. I loved it and absolutely hated it at the same time!

  2. You NEED to read the Hunger Games. It sounds weird, but it is SO good. Promise!

  3. One Day: Haven't read the book, saw the movie last weekend. I won't spoil it, but I read one review that said the film improved the book. Lemme know when you finish and I'll tell you my thoughts on the film.

    The Help: Bought the book and am trying to read it before the movie leaves the theaters.

    The Kennedys: Meh.

  4. I totally agree with Heather about One Day. And it makes me wonder how I will enjoy the film.

    The Help- read it and liked it. Anxious to see the movie!

    Haven't seen the Kennedys, but I'm going to try it now.

  5. I've had the Kennedy's DVR'd for months now and just haven't taken the time to watch. I've only heard good things though.

  6. I'm reading One Day now! I wanna see The Help because I've already read that.

  7. I'm reading One Day now too! I think I'm probably about where you are. I really like the premise of the book but can't decide what I think about it yet:) I can't wait to see The Help (although I'm sure it will have to be once its out on DVD cause I don't do movie theatres) cause I read that one and loved it.

  8. i loved the book one day!! i read it super fast because i was dying to know how it ended!

  9. I really want to see One Day and The Help. I haven't heard anything but amazing things about The Help!

  10. I read One Day in three days because I couldn't put it down. I HAD to see where they were in their lives. I'm not too happy about Anne Hathaway as Emma in the movie though.

  11. I watched 6 of the 8 episodes of The Kennedys this weekend. I was constantly fact-checking and learning new things. I love it. Yay Netflix.

    I wrote down One Day as a book to read in the future.

    The Help is also on my list of books to read. That damn 1st Harry Potter book has totally halted my reading though. I need to power through it and just get it done. I hear Harry Potter gets better. I'm sure it would help if I would put down the Netflix long enough to read about wizards.


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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