Aug 10, 2011

Blackout: hot, dark, terror fest

There really isn't anything like the power going out to remind you what a woman you are. Last night, around 11pm, roommate extraordinaire and I  were chillin' on the couch, enjoying us some Chelsea Lately when the power suddenly went out. We heard a loud "boom" sound, so we presumed a transformer had blown.

She of course was calm as a little cucumber and made her way toward the candles and flashlights. I FREAKED OUT. Honestly, I don't know what came over me. I'm a grown ass woman, I've lived alone the last three years. But as soon as those lights went out, I was paralyzed in fear. I immediately started having awake nightmares about people stealing me and the Prince in the dark. This makes no sense.

We ventured out into the neighborhood to walk the dogs and try to get some info but eventually had to make our way back. We got back in the door and it was hot. Boy, was it hot. Texas has been facing record-breaking, disgusting, absurd heat waves lately and, boy was that apparent in our little house last night. It took around 3 minutes for me to go into complete Sahara desert mode. 

I sprawled out on top of my covers and watched Dirty Dancing. I've been wanting to watch it again, and blackout night seemed perfect. WRONG. S like this doesn't cool you off any:

Let's just talk for a sec about how awesome that movie is. We all know it, but really, it like reaches new levels of awesome every time. Every time. Lately I've had a hard time watching lovey movies, but I think Dirty Dancing has to always be exempt from whatever neuroses I'm dealing with. It's bigger than me.

I sweated out through the movie and eventually started to doze off. When I say sweated, I mean it. The Prince wouldn't get anywhere near me, the little a-hole. I'm terrified of rape artists lurking in the dark and he refuses to protect me because he's "too hot." Some guard dog.

Anyway, all is well with the electricity today. I'm cool and with lights, but SO tired. Also, I'm a little concerned about the absurdity that is my reaction. You really do forget how many modern conveniences we rely on. At one point last night, roommate said, "This America. This isn't supposed to happen here." BAHAHAHHA. I really don't consider myself high maintenance or even really that inflexible, but a hot, dark, powerless night will really put you in your place. Perhaps I'm a little more diva than I thought...

Sometimes a good de-railing teaches you the most about yourself. Or at least that's what I'm saying now that I've been de-railed a few times lately.


  1. Im glad that you got your AC back...I can only imagine how horrible that must have been. When I lost my AC last year during horribly hot temps, my little Coop wouldnt get near me either--but that was ok with me. Last thing I needed was his hot little doggy body adding to the discomfort of the heat.

    Can I also say that Im glad that you're back to blogging on the regular? Im really loving your posts! :)

  2. YUCK! It's wayyy to hot here for no a/c.

    I love Dirty Dancing. Can't believe they're remaking it. Ugh.

  3. I freak out a bit in the dark, too. Always have. 2 summers ago our electricity went out & we almost literally RAN to Wal-Mart to buy battery-operated fans.

  4. I like to think I can go with the flow, but you're right. I would have a meltdown (literally) if I lost my A/C in this heat. Unreal.


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