Jul 12, 2011

WillKat, I've missed you.

I know I've been a little off the blog game lately, but don't you think for a second I haven't been keeping up with the spectacular festival of glamor and splendor that is WillKat's visit to America. There will always be a place on this blog for mindless princess-related chatter. ALWAYS.

Of course, she looked stunning, I'm swooning over these looks:

Oh hey, repeat dress. That LWD is from the engagement photos. She sassed it up with some red, in honor of Canada. I always wonder what it would be like to wear one of those little fascinator hats. I think I'd be compelled to hold my neck in a weird way (...like the move where you're trying to shake water from your ear, kind of thing). She has it down pat, obviously.

 "I think I need a lavender dress, darling. I know! I'll just reach up, pluck down some clouds and dye them the perfect color. I'm a duchess, I can do that, you know."

Texasy Duchess. LOVE. Really, she was in Canada, but who's counting, right?

This outfit doesn't really do wonders for me, but that hair. Sweet angels have been sitting around for centuries weaving that weave into the most splendid, perfectly-volumized coif we've ever seen. My hair = curling iron's worst nightmare. I get straight, straighter, or sweaty. She gets angels. 

 You don't see this color alot, but I love it for summer. I love a man in a blue suit, especially a prince, and my eye doesn't go to him in this photo...possibly a first. I can imagine her saying..."Look at you, all handsome. Oh no I will NOT let you outshine me! Try to top this color, baldy! You lose, I'm a DUCHESS! BAHAHAHAHAH"

I'm all about royal/cobalt blue these days. I'd probably be needing some royal/cobalt blue Spanxx to go along with this little number. Damn that skinny duchess!

But this one, I'm not sure what she was thinking:
Maybe she was practicing her Pollyanna Halloween costume (Thanks mom, for arming me with that perfect reference). I guess we all get do-over days. I might have run through mine for the year already. Oops.

See the full slideshow of fashion here.

Here's a full recap of what they did:

GASP....she repeated outfits!! She wore her favorite jeans "several" days in a row. Princesses, theyr'e just like US!

Anyway, Thank the sweet heavens I still have WillKat. I was worried that after the wedding they'd become old new. Oh, hells to the no!


  1. i am pretty much obsessed with kate. she is fabulous!

  2. That lavendar gown is so stunning and romantic!

  3. Great post! I missed most of the coverage on their visit, so I’m glad I caught up here. She’s so classy. A natural born Princess!

  4. cool, please guidance so that I can create a blog like yours


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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