Jul 13, 2011

Ring Finger with pizazz

Lately I've hopped on the trend wagon again. I missed out on the whole feather extension thing (I feel like too many people were doing it when I got my S together), but I'll be damned if something hip happens in nail polish and I don't partake.

I've been seeing in magazines and around my little universe that the hot new thing is to paint your 4th finger (ring finger) a different color. Read about it here or here

I can't find a reason for it, except coolness. I've tried it a couple of times, including today (try to disregard the manhands, I was born with them. Thanks, dad)...

Orangey/coral and purple. LOVING IT. I think I'm totally sold on this little trendy item.

So tell me, thoughts? Have you jumped on board? Do you know why people are doing this? I hope coolness is the only explanation....color me cool, friends.


  1. Not really feeling this look but I did just try the new words on fingernails thing...
    I think I need a lighter nail polish next time but it did turn out pretty cool!

  2. I just did this same look for the 4th of July. All fingers were red except the single blue ones. My BF made fun of it but I thought it was fabulous!

  3. How fun! The first time I saw this was on the shoe Drop Dead Diva...don't know if it's related or not!

  4. I like the look [yours looks great!] but I'm unsure how I'd feel about it on me.

  5. Next pedi I get, I think I want the crackle polish. I'm prolly a little far behind in the trends.

    Ned has lovely paws.

  6. OMG, JessRaquel, that is amazing!! I'm doing that immediately.

  7. I think that looks super fab! Go you!


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