Jul 21, 2011

Brace yourself for lots of vagina talk

Seriously, adult content today. Don't read on if you're uncomfortable with cooter jokes.

So, today I came across this really bizarre-o thing. Summer's Eve (yes, the vagina soap and douche company) is going through something of a re-imaging and has come out with these WEIRD, weird, weird ads that feature talking vaginas.  Not only are they talking, they're ethnic. See what I mean...here's the African-American vag:

"Wunder Down Under"...genius.

There's also a Latina one, who bitches about  having to be trapped in a leopard thong:

Am I the only one who finds infinite humor in picturing a real cooter going on a slurred and angry Spanish vent session?

And a white girl, who's lamenting about going to the gym, uses the term "BFF" and hates getting a smelly "vertical smile"...

(By the way, "vertical smile" is something I'll be saying all the time now. Sorry, real life friends.)

WOW. I can't decide what's stranger, the hand-puppet lady parts or the racial stereotypes. It leaves me wondering what kind of attitude/accent my hoo-ha would have? I would assume it's something like my normal voice...sarcastic, perverted. Honestly, these are pretty hilarious to me. And brave. You know a douche company has got to get creative if they want you to warm up to their product. I'm on board.

There are tons more on Summer's Eve's website. Like this one, all about "Finding your V." Yes, it's finding your box.You can even take a quiz to test your personal beaver knowledge. I took the quiz. And was able to only properly identify 3 of the 5 vagina parts. Oops, maybe I shouldn't be making fun of this. Embarrassing. If you're too dumb to pass the quiz (like me), there's a precious little informative presentation here

You know, we modern women don't get enough educational material about our vajayjays. I welcome this informative little treat. And, I even know the best product for keeping things sparkly and shiny down there. Summer's Eve...duh! 

Thanks for sticking with me on this one. It's my blog and I'll be a perv if I want to.


  1. I haven't checked them out yet, but since they're all over facebook and now your blog, I think I need to :)

  2. bwahahahaghahahah!! freaking hilarious!

  3. This is freaking hilarious!!! WTF is this company thinking?!?!?!?!?!

  4. Pretty hilarious, but pretty ridiculous. Are they airing these? I haven’t seen one. Weird.

  5. OH MY GOSH! Hahahahaha! I am cracking up at my desk at work! This is too funny. Have you seen the one with the fighters and the woman on the Myan temple spreading her arms into a V? That commercial gets me everytime. Haha! Oh, and I am totally all for referring to my vaj as the verticle smile from here on out. Too funny!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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