Jun 8, 2011

New Healthy Recipes!

I've got three AWESOME new South Beach diet-approved recipes in my wheelhouse. I tried all of these for the first time last night. Three new recipes at once stresses me out bigtime, but I loved them all and will definitely be adding them to my permanent repertoire.

Here's my crappy iphone photo of the plate:

so, enjoy the professional photos...

Giada's Turkey Meatloaf with Feta and Sun-dried Tomatoes

Giada de Laurentiis' recipe here. I've made turkey meatloaf before, but this was worlds better. "Stuffing" the middle with cheese and veggies was a GIANT improvement. I lightened it up by using fat-free feta and skim milk. I spiced the crap out of it with Herbs de Provence. Next time I would add onions to the center for some textures, but this is definitely a new go-to.

Tomato, Asparagus and Avacado Salad

Recipe here. This was a super good one. I likely will leave out the soy sauce next time and double up on the balsamic vinegar. I make asparagus and avacado dishes often, but never thought to put them together....delish.

Simple Skillet Cauliflower

Recipe here. Substituting cauliflower for a carb item is an old South Beach trick, but I'd never seen it done this easily. You just chop those little babies, cook them up in the skillet and spice a bit. I wold make them spicier, and possibly toss in broccoli next time, but this was easy and tasty. The recipe estimated it would take only 6 minutes in the pan, but it took more than double that for me, just FYI.

My gypsy life hasn't afforded me the luxury of a kitchen in a couple of weeks, which is A LONG time for me to go without preparing any kind of food item, and it felt great! I forgot how much it soothes me to be standing over a stove. Is that anti-feminist? I don't know if I care.

Anyway, try these.


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