Jun 8, 2011

More Chelsea Handler, YES!

I'm a big Chelsea Handler fan. I've read all her books and even named my poodle baby "Chuy." (That's partly about Star Wars, too.) I've just learned that NBC is producing a new show based on her book Are you there Vodka? It's me, Chelsea. YES!

Laura Prepon (of That 70's Show fame) will play fictional Chelsea. Chelsea Handler herself will be acting in the show as her fictional self's pregnant older sister. Here's the trailer:

My initial reaction is lukewarm. The jokes seem a little canned and laugh-tracky, but I of course will be adding it to my DVR if it makes the fall lineup. Another concern I have is that Chelsea is getting too big...I hope she stays hilarious.

Any thoughts?


  1. Oooh! I didn't know there was a trailer! I am sooo excited - when does it come out?

    I love Laura Prepon as well as Chelsea!

  2. interesting hmmm i love chelsea but i'm not sure how she'll translate into a tv show. i'm with you though i'm going to DVR it just in case

  3. The show looks good, but I've kinda been over Chelsea since that book, which I thought was reaching. I think she kinda lost her hilarity a while ago, but I like that she's in this in a totally different type of role! I'll be watching.


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