Jun 24, 2011

Friday, June 25 2011

Happy Friday all! I'm sort of starting to get the hang of this whole "work from home" business, but it's been a weird adjustment. I haven't had a proper, all alone, full day of work in my new home yet. I'll hopefully have some exciting news about a move-in date soon! 

1. GEORGE CLOONEY IS SINGLE Y'ALL. George is reclaiming his title as the seki-est bachelor in the world, maybe of all time. George and his ex girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, announced their split this week "We're not together anymore. It's very difficult and very personal," they said. No details have emerged. How boring, right? I'm ready for something juicy about him to emerge. Hi, Elisabetta's tell-all book, where are you? The two were together for two years. Juiciness or not, he's baaaa-aaaack! YES. And now, for the best photograph ever taken: 

2. Americans are crappy time managers. Surprise, surprise. New studies show that Americans work, on average, less than four hours in a normal business day. This finding is six minutes less than the same results gathered in 2009. Not only are we barely working, we're spending the time doing leisure activities, rather than exercising or learning new skills. Duh. Right? Hi, where do you think Poodleism comes from? I think it could be classified as "learning new skills," but I guess I'd be reading trashy gossip blogs anyway, now it's just in the name of "research." Hee hee. According to the same survey, we're sleeping at watching more TV, also. Great. I thought we were supposed to be "winning the future." Really, we're all just lazy fatties. I guess it's not that shocking. Can I consider reading the Wall Street Journal (where I found this article) as something other than "leisure"? I think I have to. The ratio of leisure to learning in my life is embarrassing. 

3. There may be a women's revolution happening in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Princess Ameerah al-Taweel is gorgeous and fabulously wealthy. She has a college degree and doesn't wear a veil. These things are very rare in her country.

This week she went on the Today show and hinted that she's over the sexist, conservative Saudi culture. This glamourpuss is dead-set on being able to drive a car in her homeland, where it's illegal. She is determined to bring full-scale "basic rights" to women in her country, including driver's licenses. I bring this to your attention because I love revolutions. I plan to watch this story closely, women obviously deserve to get to do all the stuff they want. I like when pretty people do what's right in the world. Heck, ugly people too. Anyway, you'll be hearing more about this from me, I hope she's successful!

4. Octomom is getting a dating show. That's absurd in is own right, but she also makes my quote of the week:
"I've never dated. This is actually the first time I have dated in my life. I've had one boyfriend, it was very fascinating to me; it was an unforgettable experience. I am painfully shy and anxious .. that's just my personality. So it's difficult for me to interact and to have eye contact." -- Octomom, Nadya Suleman
First of all, who wants to date her? Look at all these babies:

Secondly, who wants to hear any more about her, let alone watch her freak-o face on the television? Not me - on either counts. Thirdly, "I'm painfully shy and anxious." WHAT. THE. HELL. This from the woman who used her uterus for fame. The woman who's ridiculously selfish fame grab affects nobody but the 8 babies she can't support. The woman who pitched several reality shows for herself ...that woman. The only thing that really interests me about this is the men who will turn up to vie for her love. Talk about cream of the crop. I might have to watch...in the name of blog research. I can't help it, I have to.

5. Cigarette cartons will soon have sick photos on them to make people stop buying them. They're seriously yucky. Go here to see them. I don't want to post, they gross me out, which is their intention. Beginning in 2012, all cigarette packs will have the ugly on them. I'm not a smoker and I wish people wouldn't do it, but this seems a little far. It kind of reminds me when the anti-abortion people would come to campus and put up GIANT photos of sad dead babies. Did you have that at your college? I guess I'm just not a fan of scare tactics. But, I have a few people life that I love dearly in my life that I wished would quit. Maybe this will help.

6. There have been "quiet discussions" about a DESTINY'S CHILD REUNION. I'm FAH-REAKING out. I was a huge Destiny's Child fan, which segued into my giant Beyonce fandom. It's stuff like this that really explains my love for them....

Total fierce-ness. TOTAL.

Supposedly, Beyonce's latest album, 4, is looking like it's going to be a flop. Record label execs asked her to re-record parts of it to include more hit songs, but she refused. So, preparing for the worst, they're in early talks of a possible Destiny's Child reunion to recoup some of their losses. Their loss is our gain, ladies. I hope they do this. I don't want B to fail, but I really want more Michelle and Kelly. YES! Cross your fingers! In the meantime, bask in the greatness that is this, and this...but mostly THIS.

7. As always, Gaga is keeping us interested. She recently appeared on stage like this: 

I'm all for colored hair, I've recently taken a little forray into it myself, but pubes? Come on. This takes the "carpet matches the drapes" thing to a whole new level. Pubes make me tense. That's just that. But, I do like her color choice. That Gaga, what will she think of next?

Smart and Trendy Moms

I'm MEGA excited about my weekend! I have a very Austiny fun-packed weekend on the books, including a birthday celebration of one of my favoritest new (or new-ish) additions to my friend group! Yes! What've you got in the works? Whatever it is, soak in as much of it as you can! Hearts. 


  1. I Looove your Friday Newsflash. I always learn so much!
    1. I.heart.beyonce. She's amazing.
    2. I love Gaga but she's crazy.
    3. Thanks for the heads up on the revolution in Saudi Arabia! I had no idea and I'm excited to follow along!

  2. Ummm yes please on the Destiny's Child!!!! I do hope people are smart and NOT watch the ridiculous octo"mom". :)

    Have a great weekend!!!!


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