Jun 24, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday!

Happy Friday gang! I'm extremely ansty to get through this day and on to a superfun weekend. I like today's Fill in the Blank Friday. I actually have alot of real work to do today, but, I think blogging should probably take precedent, don't you? 
1.   The last thing I ate was       a cobb salad from one of my favorite Houston (I've been here for a couple days while I'm still gypsy-ing it up) restaurants, Barnaby's. I'm trying to get back on carb-less eating as much as I can because I've got to squeeze myself into a bridesmaid dress way sooner than I'm comfortable with. oops.

2.  The next thing I'd like to eat is    breakfast. I wake up hungry every single day and can never skip it. Today, since I'm home, I'm waiting on my mom to figure something out for me. Do you still do that when you go home? Will I ever be too old for that?

3.  The best things    in life (for me) are the things I do just for myself. I love the few hobbies that I have that are easy, cheap and just calm me. Examples include: going for a run (but that's been off the table because of my gimp ankle), baking, blogging and of course dog walks. I guess the baking and dog walks relate to others, but it doesn't feel like it. :)

4.  Something that makes me supremely and utterly happy is   just relaxing with the Prince. I've really started to get poodle withdrawals. My parents have been keeping him while I'm bouncing around and these last couple of days with him have been totally sublime. I'm even willing to overlook him jumping in my bed with ridiculously muddy paws this morning...he just HAD to deliver some good morning love. Worth it. Sometimes I wonder if I'm too addicted to his affections...

5.  Sports are     fun, and I enjoy watching and being a fan - to a certain extent. I love the festiveness and spirit of UT games, but honestly the outcome of the game doesn't really mean all that much to me. There are many men in my life (that are close to my heart) who I'd wish would chill out on the sports crazy fandom, but I gave that battle up long ago.

6.  I miss    having a kitchen. There are few things I enjoy more than trying new recipes and cooking for people. I don't know when this interest/love kicked in for me, but all of a sudden one day, I like domestic things.  It's so strange, but I love it. That's one thing I'm looking forward to about having a roommate, she gets to try all my creatitions - and she'll tell me the truth. 

7.  Right now I am       waiting for my coffee to kick in. For some reason it's slower than normal, but that could just be a Friday thing!


  1. why does all food talk make me hungry?

    xo monica

    ps. love your blog


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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