Jun 9, 2011


I think I need an e-reader. I've been wanting one for a while and can't decide what to buy. I've had lots of conversations about this and have heard the pros and cons at length. I have a direction I'm leaning, but don't wan to say what it is....

Kindle? or  Nook?
So tell me, are you an e-reader? I think I'm ready to be and don't know which to buy. I've gotten lots of tips to get both, but want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. Help! Got any tips/thoughts/suggestions to share? Pretty please with sugar on top?


  1. KINDLE!!!

    I've heard the Nook is backlighted and that's actually bad for your eyes and drains the battery. I'm not sure if it's true that it's backlighted, but that's what I heard.

    I have a Kindle and I love it!

  2. I love my Kindle! It's seriously one of the greatest investments I ever made. It goes everywhere with me!

  3. I've been debating the same issue lately and (after polling the masses) I have decided Kindle. I'm getting mine this weekend!

  4. I'm all for the Nook. To answer Sarah, it isn't backlighted. The touchscreen is the only part with light but once it goes to sleep there is no light from it at all. I also like being able to go to Barnes and Noble and read any book I want on it without having to buy it. Plus B&N gift cards are super easy.

    I think you'll be happy with whatever you decide but I hope I've helped at little. :-)

  5. I vote kindle...My husband and I just both bought ours...love to keep it in my purse....my mom has the nook and doesn't really like it...maybe because she is older and hasn't figured it out!

  6. I've been looking into getting an e-reader for so long! I read so many books and magazines that I feel like it would be beneficial to get one! The one that I was so close to buying was the nook color...

  7. My Mom has a Nook and she likes it. I have been wanting to get a Nook color. I think it would be great to read magazines on, and for getting online. Let us know what you decide on getting.

  8. Nick and I both have Kindles; Barb has a nook color. For portability, the Kindle smashed the noock color, because it weighs about 10 pounds less. For readability, the Nook color has more options for background color shades and text shades, but I have no issues reading the Kindle in my cube (whoops!), on the bus, outside by the pool, in bed. Whichever one you get, get a case! I'm on Kindle #2 after an unfortunate incident, because I refused to use the bright red case Judy gave me. Happy reading!


Thanks for the comment! I"m sending you a big cuddly warm bearhug through the interwebs....



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