Jun 27, 2011

Country-fied Poodleist

Happy Monday all! I'm fresh off of a fantabulous weekend. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get to travel out to the gorgeous Texas Hill Country for a friend's birthday party. One of my girlfreind's parents live on a giant ranch in Boerne, TX and she threw a birthday pool party for her fiance out there. I loved every second. This iPhone photo doesn't do it justice....

From the backyard you can seriously see for miles. It makes me feel so calm - and that's a statment considering my current gypsy life.

We also went on a spin around the ranch to check out all the animals. I got to feed horses, donkeys and cows! My friends couldn't believe how unscared I was in the middle of the herd:

I had a total blast. I scooted myself into the middle of the herd to pick up the food nuggets (which are DISGUSTING) and found myself totally surrounded. A small panic ensued. It really is a little intimidating when you think about how giant these things are. It blows my mind to think that even though I have a brain that's like 100 times better than a cow's, they could maul me at any second. It's a little bit weird to get that persepective on your own human frailty.

Anyway, great times with friends were had. I love, love being surrounded by the ones who know me best. It's starting to hit me that I'm going to get to do this all the time now...amazing feeling.

I think the peace is slowly creeping in...thanks, day at the ranch, you're the best!


  1. So would it be creepy if I lived in Dallas, and I admire your fearlessness of cows and wanted to do a photoshoot with you and the cows? lol...We need to go on a blog date and do a photoshoot! =)

  2. Oh my god that sounds like such a fun weekend! Look at you being fearless - though it's totally worth it :)

  3. What a fun weekend! My in-laws live in the Hill Country, too, and it is quite a beautiful place to visit!!

  4. That cracks me up! You are very brave. I miss that place and was sad I couldn't good, glad y'all had fun!


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